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  • Yesterday's Dunnerdale results https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZQSR4ZHJcSNNbVcbvhxA3pBRUe9Q2osa/view?usp=sharing And photos https://www.granddayoutphotography.co.uk/dunnerdale-fell-race-saturday-2nd?fbclid=IwAR2seJAxfQ1tPsoxYD7EP7TOCDUAsO0KK6fOA…
  • Hello, Thanks to everyone who's offered to help so far. Can anyone else help at all? I'm short of helpers at the finish line - they need to not be running the race. I've got mates willing to help but seeing as it's a BCR race I'd rather have BCRe…
  • Few more folk needed to help at Dunnerdale this Sat please - especially non-runners who can do first hill and last descent marshalling and help out at the finish - please let me know asap - thanks! Anna
  • Hello, It's 3 weeks until Dunnerdale and I’m looking for folk to help out on the day, please (Sat 2nd Nov). Thanks to those who have already confirmed they can help (Dave Parminter, Peter Grayson, Ken Lindley, David Hughes, Jane Rousseau, Dave Ho…
  • Hi Harv, can't make Sunday I'm afraid but hoping to do Langdale and reccied it on Tuesday. Flippin nora, it's not an easy route to get right is it..! See you there if not before.
  • Sounds like it'd be a complete pain to re-organise, I hadn't realised the planing had gone so far. I'll be going to the FRA do as usual, prize or no, but it's not worth changing the date just for me - not sure how the other potential prize win…
  • P.S. I wasn't being sarcastic when I said nice work Beth - I really did mean great effort organising this! :-)
  • Well done Karl!
  • Nice work Beth! Yikes, this date clashes with the FRA annual presentation dinner. Is the date set in stone now? It'd be a shame to clash because some of our members hopefully will make an appearance at the FRA presentation (female team and Harv a…
  • Nice one Harv!
    in Bull to Bull Comment by annalup May 2017
  • Sounds like poor Jackie's injury might keep her out of racing for a good while... Heal soon Jackie.
  • Sorry we missed you, Rich - good luck with the An Waltz - beeaaauuuutiful race. Right, just to recap the remaining 5 English Fell Champs races, which it would be FABULOUS, to get teams of 3 females and 5 males out for... (not that I'm excited …
  • I'm proud to be in a club that BBC Creative think are tv-worthy - shall we give our views on Brexit while running along in Princess Leia garb, do you think?
  • Pub too? Hurrah!\ Race details here for those wondering... https://fellrace.org.uk/races/daz/\ Jasmin Paris' best time is 4:36 - it's a loooong one.
  • Yep. Week after is only a week before Long Mynd so a bit close. But can do either really. You joining Millen?
  • Great stuff. I can do either but if there's a choice then the 12th would prob be better for me.
  • Hi Harvey, do you know which date in March you'll be recceing Buttermere Horseshoe? I'm going to try and make it.
  • Will be great to see you at Long Mynd Rich! (limit is 550 so there are still entries left)
  • Hi Mike, I wasn't at the AGM so am needing an update - this is a race you're hoping to plan, yes? When for? Exciting! Do you need some help? How about some sort of recce the weekend of Long Mynd (25 March)? Like, we need to talk :-)
  • Excellent Harvey! I'm hoping to do a few of the classics this year. I can't make this Sunday (my sister's visiting) but will try to come for the next. I'll post your message on the BCR facebook page too...
  • Hi, Greyhound booked for 8pm tomorrow. Please pre-order (though me) from this menu, ta. Anna
  • Just to clarify - that's tomorrow, the 7th.
  • That's lovely news, congratulations Rich and say a massive well done to Maggie from me x
  • Great run by Mike Jones at the weekend to come 3rd in the V3K Sykrace in Snowdonia (takes in all the 3,000s in Wales), only 20 mins or so behind international Oli Johnson and Gareth Hughes. 55km and over 4,000 metres of ascent in under 8 hours - …
  • Brilliant result Harry, shows how hard you've been training. And well done Lou. Both very inspiring
  • Great result Paula. Joasia is a 2:39 marathoner and ran at the Commonwealth Games last year, so to be less than 9 minutes behind her is a great run.
  • Great run Lou and well done guys, looks pretty close between the three of you.
  • I can't do this Sunday either I'm afraid.
    in 3 Peaks Comment by annalup February 2015
  • Not decided yet John, certainly tempted. A good way to recce the whole course without doing it all in one go is to do Pen-y-ghent and Ingleborough (up via Simon fell) from Horton in one run, and then Whernside and Ingleborough (down via Simon f…
    in 3 Peaks Comment by annalup February 2015
  • Hi everyone. There are roadworks at Greenodd between 8pm and 6am until Tues 10th - I think, so the A590 is closed for about a mile. Last night I had to go via Penny Bridge/Arrad Foot. The diversion signs take you via Ambleside (seriously!)