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  • I'm not going to make it after all. I don't finish in Barrow until after 6 so there is no way I can make it to Newfield even remotely in time. Enjoy the run.
  • What will we be running on? (i.e. stony track or bog etc? I'm trying to determine what to wear as I haven't been out for ages)
  • Anyone fancy a fell run over to Bethecar Moor instead of the road run?
  • That's fair enough. The problem then becomes leaders - I'd volunteer but I don't know any of the routes. As an aside, could we put the type of social on the social calendar page (i.e. social road, social fell etc)? It shows on the main calendar b…
  • Hi All, Is there a reason we only run offroad on full moons during winter? They are frequently cloudy / rainy anyway so any benefit of the moonlight is lost. Personally I would prefer to run offroad in any conditions rather than a road run. Is it a…
  • Sounds good.
  • I'd love to do a section but I don't want to hold people up, also I can't figure out how to get back to the beginning of the section unless there are lifts available. I can swim / safety canoe as required if still needed.
  • Most of the statistics are useless - the calories burned and water required to re-hydrate etc as they're based on formulas - i.e. weight * time or something. It ignores the temperature so the water is pointless and the calories aren't related to spe…
  • Here is the route that the fast group took. Navigation was umm interesting.... Great run though. Tom
  • I'm tempted by this. Do you know if entries are still being accepted or whether they've reached their maximum? Also how much is it as the website doesn't state an entry fee. Tom
  • Oh OK that's reassuring. They didn't ask for the number and as this is the first year I've registered I haven't had one previously so I was a little worried that it wouldn't show in time. I've been training for it by running on the beach in Blackpoo…
  • As the cross bay is approaching, I was wondering whether I will get my number in time.
  • So which group is running the 5.5 miles?
  • The Cross Bay registration asks if you're affiliated (AAA). I know that Black Combe is affliated with UKA, are they the same thing?
  • Cheers Will, It was the UKA number I meant as I'm signing up for the Cross Bay Half Marathon. This is June 16th, will I have my number before then? Email sent. Tom