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2019 Winterleague

With so much chat on facebook this is likely to be a quiet place for the official records, so here are the Dunnerdale results to get us started. "Harry" is Matt's friend who didn't reveal his England vest until handicapping was complete. He won't feature in the final results unless he joins the club, so right now the standing is:

  1. Josh
  2. Simon A
  3. Karl
  4. Beth

Winterleague points are calculated in the old way: 1 for a win, 2 for second etc. Always worth turning up :)


  • Harry is a member now. Good signing for us for the 2019 season.
  • Standings after two races:

  • Evening fellow fell runners,

    This weekend marks the return of the Blawith Malarkey (Two-Point-Zero). The route will comprise of two laps around Beacon Tarn and a double ascent of Beacon Fell.

    I will be hosting proceedings on Saturday 19th January 2019.

    Make sure that you are in it to win it!

    See you soon,


  • Snow has turned to rain at Blawith. I reckon it’s only 4.5 miles so could be a quick one.
  • Evening All,

    It was another eventful Winter League Training fixture on the Blawith Fells. The light dusting of snow certainly made the going very slippery underfoot. Even with the simplified route circulating Beacon Tarn and a double ascent of Beacon Fell a certain individual went walkabouts!

    Please find enclosed a summary of all the results. I am sure someone more technologically advanced than me can transfer the information onto Zuckerberg’s world conquering platform.

    Many congratulations to Beth on taking the victory spoils. There seems to be a common theme of new mothers winning in recent days!

    See you all soon,


    [C:\Users\Matthew Allen\Documents\WTL 2019 Blawith Results.xlsx](C:\Users\Matthew Allen\Documents\WTL 2019 Blawith Results.xlsx "C:\Users\Matthew Allen\Documents\WTL 2019 Blawith Results.xlsx")

  • Evening All,

    That has not gone so well.

    Can anyone advise where the "big paperclip" is to add attachments?

    The introduction of URLs is beyond me.

    The full results will follow shortly.

    Many apologies,


  • Well done Mat, excellent route, great flagging and average internetting skills. Bravo ;-)

  • Shame your spreadsheet has got lost in Hyper Space Matthew, no one will see my DNF !

  • Morning Nick,

    By my reckoning you still completed the race, but not content with the five mile course made an executive decision to extend your tour of Beacon Tarn and the surrounding fells.

    The main thing is that everyone had an enjoyable run out and subsequently returned safe and sound!

    Sadly, I did brandish one DNF to Julian who only completed one lap.

    All the best,


  • Please find, tabulated below, the finishing positions from the first running of the Blawith Malarkey (Two-Point-Zero).

    1. Beth R.
    2. John M.
    3. John S.
    4. Pete C.
    5. Jackie C. (Thirty seconds penalty for minor course infringement.)
    6. James G.
    7. Pete T.
    8. Hazel T.
    9. Ian V.
    10. Chris R.
    11. Nick S. (Extended tour of Beacon Tarn and the surrounding fells.)
    12. Julian D. (One lap only.)
  • Well done Matt, thanks for flagging and organising.
  • edited February 2019

    Thanks, Matt. Here are the standings after four. There are another four to go, so it can all change.

    Broughton Scissors is tomorrow (Saturday 2nd).

  • Evening All,

    In the words of David Guetta “Where them girls at?”

    So the BCR boys had a good winter training session on Roanhead Beach last Sunday 10th February 2019! The weather was fine and the conditions pretty perfect.

    Many congratulations to Dominic on taking what I believe to be his maiden victory!

    Please find, listed below, the final finishing positions.

    1. Dominic M.
    2. John S.
    3. Phil N.
    4. John B.
    5. John M.
    6. Chris R.
    7. James G.
    8. John E.
    9. Matt R.
    10. Josh H.

    I have shared the official timings with Sue and Will to update the various forums.

    See you all soon,


  • Here are the standings as we go into the last race, which is straight up and down the Combe this Sunday.

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