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Winterleague 2010/11

edited November 2010 in Black Combe championships

Thanks to some very nifty conversational footwork by Dave I have
accidentally volunteered to get the winter league started. I won't get
to all the races but Dave will be helping out and you all know what to
do anyway.

To start with here are some provisional dates. Please let me know if
I've got anything wrong or another day would be better:

  • Dec 19th Ulverston 10K
  • Jan 1st Po House
  • Jan 9th Appletreeworth
  • Jan 23rd KWL Birkrigg Common (tbc)
  • (Jan 30th That's Lyth)
  • Feb 7th Broughton XC
  • Feb 13th Black Combe
  • (Feb 20th Keswick to Buttermere, tbc)
  • Feb 27th Haverigg 10K and prize-giving breakfast
  • (Mar 5th Black Combe race)

Was anyone planning to do High Cup Nick on the 26th February? We could
use the spare week in January to move everything up in that case.

Handicapping will be based on science, magic and guesswork, and we will
try not to cancel anything.


  • You mean 6th Feb for Broughton Cross-Country?
    The 7th is a Monday with most at work.

    The KWL Birkrigg race is likely to be the same day as That's Lyth, it was earlier this year. If it does go ahead on the 23rd, will this race be included in the BCR WTL?
    I've looked on Helm Hill Runners' website (who organise the Kendal Winter League series of races) and there isn't a dickie bird mentioned for the 2011 races, probably starting with Scout Scar on the 9th Jan.

    There's still zilch on Keswick ACs site, re: its 2011 road races, so no confirmation yet about the Buttermere Round 34k, guessed to be on the 20th Feb. If it's the 13th, we simply move the Black Combe WTL race to the 20th.

    I can't see anyone going to the High Cup Nick fell race on the 26th Feb, it's in the Dufton area, about as far away in Cumbria a race can be, and with that being on a Saturday is there any need to change the 27ths WTL race?

    Also this heightens my calls to get a West Cumbrian road race into our road race 2011 champs counters. The 27th Feb is the Maryport 10 mile race, an event I've done several times before, (which has also been a club champs counter in the past) and if this doesn't get consideration, then some thought should be given to the new West Cumbrian Run 10 miler I did in July 2010, which takes the villages route from Cockermouth to Workington, raising funds for the Great North Air Ambulance and attracting a healthy field of runners.
    I've mentioned more on this race on the forum under the title "What would you like in the 2011 club champs? heading.


  • Will .. Thankyou for Taking Over the winterleague duties .. you could
    obviously tell I would be snowed under being Treasurer ! .... I'll help
    lots .. and send you the spreadsheets i developed so you can make them
    better :-) .. I can't help on 1st Jan though as I'm away ... Thanks
    again .. Great Newsie BTW .. Just let me know if\when you neeed an
    article ....

  • Thanks, Dave. I haven't taken it over, exactly: I won't be at all of the
    races. Handicaps and results and argumentation I can do.

  • How many races have to be run to qualify? And who do I have to bribe to defend my title? Both of you? It's going to get expensive.

  • I picture some sort of bidding war in which rival factions have to be
    bought off but double-crosses are rife.

    The old rules say
    four out of six races to qualify, which is quite demanding. Assuming we
    do manage to include the Birkrigg race this time, let's call it four out
    of seven.

  • I think 4 from 7 is good idea Will .. Has anyone ever defended the WTL ?
    ... I'm hoping to get fat from chocolate overdose :smile:

    I've found written results and spreadsheets and such treasures Will

    Don't think I'm running tomorrow .. but we might get to the pub ..
    Anglers ??

  • Anglers. I told them 8.30 but I don't think it'll be overbusy.

  • Is the Ulverston Hilly 10K going ahead on Sunday as I see no reminders
    etc here on the forum? Is it 10.30 on the same course as last year?

  • James,
    The hilly 10k has been postponed until Sunday, 23rd January due to the weather conditions.
    This is mentioned elsewhere on the forum.
    The first WTL race is now Po House at 10:30 on New Year's Day as usual.

    Note that the Kendal WTL Birkrigg Common race is on the same day as That's Lyth, meaning we'll only have the normal six BCR WTL races, with the best four to count, rather than 4 from 7 had Birkrigg not been on the 30th, given a number of us will be doing the LDWA event.
    Also, the date of the Black Combe WTL race is now on 20th Feb, because the Keswick / Buttermere Round 34km road race....the first in our 2011 club champs counters is confirmed for the 13th.

    Final wintry thought: If Po House or Appletreeworth (9th Jan) fall victim to the Arctic conditions, there's still a free Sunday to play with to reschedule either of these, namely the 16th Jan, fingers crossed that doesn't happen, but if we get a winter like 1962/63, 1947/48 or 1939/40 the three most severest winters in the last century to grip the UK, could then see our WTL being cancelled outright.:shocked:

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