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What do you want in the 2011 Championships

It's that time of year again, we've just finished the last Champs race for this year, some races as always proved more popular than others - which do you want retained for next year and which others would you like to try?

Karl, the list of road races in Cumbria you prepared last year was really useful, if you have time to do it again for 2011 it would be really useful.


  • I'd be keen on Sedburgh, Grasmere and Coniston.

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    Here's a few that I'd like to do next year:

    • Great Lakes
    • Borrowdale
    • Teenager with
      (but let's
      just call it the long waltz)

    • Mountain trial

    • Coledale
    • Short Duddon
    • Sca Fell Pike
    • Middle Fell
    • Hutton Roof
    • Coniston Gullies :cool: (those are black eyes)

    There are some a bit further away that I'd also like to try, like the
    Long Mynd and Edale (entry form available
    , btw), but I
    guess championship races should be more accessible than that.

    I'd like to do the Cross-Bay run
    again. Could be in as a road medium? Half marathon. Costs £23, but
    charitable. Sunday 24th July next year.

  • My favourites, but I don't mind what goes in - there's plenty of good stuff to do.

    Coniston Fell Race (via Swirl How)
    Hutton Roof
    Rusland Show
    Stickle Pike - Broughton Mills Day
    Either of the two Coniston Shows (Coniston Fair or Torver)
    Three Shires
    (I liked Ennerdale and Wasdale but they are not favourites !)

    I'm sure we will end up with the full calendar of fell races listed and then have a healthy debate in the pub as usual ! :smile:

  • Pete,

    I'll send a list by email, of 2011 road dates (as last year) within the next week.
    ALL DATES must be treated as provisional unless I already know its confirmed.

    With fell races I'm not too bothered what gets chosen, start with Loughrigg, leaving the first quarter of the year for WTL and early road counters, as we've done the last three years, but for road races let's have at least one race chosen in WEST CUMBRIA please, this part of the county rarely gets a look in on road races in our champs.

    I'm the only BCR, so far, who takes part in races up there, and whilst the Maryport 10 has been included in the past, it would be nice to see the new West Cumbrian run in July be included (over the villages route between Cockermouth and Workington), this is a memorial mass participation event raising funds for the Great North Air Ambulance, PC Bill Barker's favourite charity, who was killed in the 2009 Workington floods at Northside Bridge.

    Other W Cumbrian events include the Keswick 5.3 mile race, Newlands Valley 9k, Maryport 10k (Aug), Abbeytown 10, Cockermouth Lambfoot 10k (May), and 10 (Sep), as well as the Workington 10k from Moorclose Sports Centre in May over a flat traffic free course.

    Other people: add any of your road or fell suggestions below please. Thanks. :smile:

  • I'd like more early and late in season fell races and fewer in the summer months (or is that days?)

  • 20 Barriers at Carnforth on Tuesday 5th July. Could get a good turn out
    as it is social run night & is the sort of race which is good for
    roadies & off roaders.:smile:

  • So everyone can see Karl's good work with the road dates for next year I'll send them on, I tried to post them here but there were too many words for the system so I'll email to all@bcr. Thanks for doing this Karl, it's made race selection a lot easier - I'll post the draft series in a day or 2.

  • The list of champs races for 2011 (if it copies OK)
    I've tried to put some new (i.e. not in the champs for the last 5 years or so) - Middlefell, Coledale, Butterere Sailbeck, Loughrigg Siverhowe, Carnforth 20 barriers, Cockermouth 10m, Screes - and some that weren't in last year - Dalton 10k, Great Lakes, Blisco, Borrowdale. Also old favourites like 3 Shires, the usual road races (where there sometimes isn't huge choice), Dunnerdale and 2 that we had in this year that met with extremes of attendance - Broughton Mills (clashed with Summer Challenge) and the Lake District Mountain Trial (proved popular). Hopefully something for all the family.

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    Thanks, Pete. Looks like an interesting year. We'll have to make sure
    that people realise Silverhowe is the last medium or it will be hard to
    qualify later.

    I'll get them in the calendar tomorrow.


    • Keswick to Buttermere
    • Dent
    • Coniston
    • Dalton 10k
    • Windermere Marathon
    • Gosforth 10m
    • Hawkshead 10k
    • Carnforth 20 Barriers
    • Cockermouth 10m
    • Hoad Hill 10k
    • Langdale Half
    • Derwentwater 10


    • Middlefell
    • Coledale
    • Buttermere Sailbeck
    • Great Lakes
    • Loughrigg Silverhowe
    • Blisco Dash
    • Borrowdale
    • Broughton Mills Show
    • Lake District Mountain Trial
    • 3 Shires
    • Screes
    • Dunnerdale
  • Is this the final\agreed list then ??

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    Champs list is the captain's job, I think. We don't get to agree, only
    to suggest.

    (imagine smiley for tugging forelock)

  • OK .. cool .. I missed the boat with the suggestions .. never mind ..

  • Those are all in the calendar now.

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