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Hawkshead results

8 BCRs turned out for the hilly road champs 10K race at Hawkshead. The results were:
41st Neil Gibbison (42.25), 50th James Goffe (43.56), 55th Mike Berry (44.49), 63rd Andy Gittins (45:14), 68th John Chattaway (46:07), 69th Phil Newton (46:14), 74th Steve Kruger (47.30), and 89th Karl Fursey (51:23). No BCR ladies were there, Sue was recceing the Wasdale route.:tongue:


  • A brilliant turnout of 14 BCRs (15 if you count Penny who was running for the opposition) ran the 2008 Hawkshead 10k club champs counter road race. Full results as follows:
    Peter Tayler 39:49 (Won a spot prize)
    Sue Hodkinson 42:45 (3rd female prize)
    Mike Jewell 44:02
    James Goffe 44:04
    Peter Grayson 44:58
    Philip Newton 45:31
    William Ross 45:42
    Andrew Gittins 46:01
    Dave Watson 46:09
    Kevin Hodgson 46:24 (Won a spot prize)
    Karl Fursey 52:02
    Robert McKeever 52:04
    Hannah Appleton 54:43 (Her first ever road race)
    Claire Watson 55:29

    (Penny Moreton 55:26)

    If Hannah's boyfriend decides to join BCR, the club will have a very good runner. Andrew Dziemian was first unattached runner and fifth overall in a fast 36:16.

    Great weather for running and all 14 of us proudly wore our club vests and there were several photos taken of us by Hazel before,during and after the race which may be submitted to next month's newsie.

    LAST YEAR'S RESULTS ARE STILL THERE ABOVE as rather than start a new topic, this was still on the forum.

  • Karl .. Good Report .. I'm pretty sure that Andrew is Hannah's FRIEND \ Work Colleague and not 'Boyfriend' ....

    I was several places higher .. until Peter G, Phil, And Andy flew past me with a mile to go ! .. but it's a six+ mile race not 5 I guess :cry:

    Photo's are in my Camera .. I'll get them to Will this aft .. and maybe even on an external photo site ?


    Dave W.

  • Glad you all enjoyed it. Do you know the race winner's time, Karl, so I can work out the scoring (the results aren't on the internet yet....):tongue:

  • Steve Littler of Wesham won in 32:53, whilst Sharon Dixon of Hoad Hill took the ladies race in 40:54.

  • edited June 2008

    Thanks, Karl. I'll update the BCR champs results page this evening:shocked:


    Winning man: 32:21 (For the purpose of calculating handicap results)
    Winning lady: 37:31 ( " " " " " " " )

    BCR times:
    Andrew Gittins 48:33
    Phil Newton 49:51
    Helen Gee 54:29

    Where was everyone??
    Admittedly I could'nt get there without a lift whilst Peter G was in Scotland and Penny injured herself last Sunday, but this is a poor turnout when not so long ago we had 14 there.
    Our arch rivals Hoad Hill managed to field 17 from what I can see on the results out of a good field of 182 finishers.

    It'll be interesting to see the tables once they are up and who's leading the competitions so far.
    Penny has already qualified and Helen has already done at least one of each from the three categories of Short, Medium, and Long on the roads that I'm aware of, so could well be a battle between her and Penny for the ladies road champ this year.
    I myself have also qualified already but am unlikely to win anything again this year.


    For the calculating of the champs table and working out the handicaps:

    Winner was Danny Parkinson (Kendal AC) in a fast 31:55

    Peter Grayson 46:39
    Andy Gittins 48:39
    Phil Newton 50:28
    Karl Fursey 54:52

    No BCR ladies took part.
    Once again a poor turn out after Hoad Hill had 21 taking part, up on last year, and there was a lesser field of 155 finishers.

    A reminder our next road champs counter is the South Lakes Half Marathon on Sunday, 8th July at 11am from Allithwaite Community hall, NOT this Saturday as it still states on our calendar of events.


    For the calculating of the champs table and working out the handicaps:

    Winner yet again was Kendal ACs Danny Parkinson in a fast 31:49

    Mike McIver 36:52
    Pete Tayler 43:44
    James Goffe 44:55
    Peter Grayson 46:23
    Andy Gittins 47:57
    Darren Foote 52:08
    Me!! 57:09

    No BCR ladies took part, however, I would like to mention Leanne Jackson, who lives in Millom and is currently unattached, could be a future BCR member and one to watch after recording 47:59 and clocking 78:36 at last week's Gosforth "10".

    A better turnout than last year, but still only half the number of 2008s race, of which the results from then are still on just above.
    Our arch rivals Hoad Hill had 20 and there was 178 finishers.

    On the qualifying front James leads with 4 races, followed by me (also on 4), then providing I finish the Coniston marathon (our next counter on July 7th) I'll lead the road champs by being the first to qualify with 5, however, that'll no doubt change on 14th August after the Ulverston 10km race.
    Entries for the 7ths race are closed and only myself and Peter Tayler are taking part....start lists are on the Lakeland trails website. :smile:


    For the purpose of calculating the handicaps and updating the champs table:

    Winner was Steve Hebblethwaite (Keswick AC) in 34:24, whilst Melanie Hyder took the ladies win in 38:26.

    James Goffe 46:41
    Peter Grayson 48:27
    Andrew Gittins 49:49
    Phil Newton 52:20
    Rob McKeever 53:02
    Me!! 61:33
    Penny 72:41

    Like last year, Millom's Leanne Jackson also ran, but chooses to remain unattached, however, she did beat ALL THE BCRs by clocking 45:23.....Leanne, if you are reading this please consider joining BCR.

    Same number taking part as last year and there were 188 finishers.

    On the qualifying front Harvey leads, and has all but won the road champs despite not running here, also, several other men have done 5 or 4 races so far and Peter G looks favourite for the handicap award, whilst Penny has now done 5 races and will win it for the ladies unless Amanda and Lou take part in all four races each, that are left, if so, then one of them can still claim the ladies title for 2014.

    Next up is Ulverston 10k on 13th August, followed by the (Ulverston) Charter 5k on the NEW DATE of Wednesday, 10th September, at 7pm, over a new course, replacing the traditional Sunday town centre multi-lap course. Details from Penny or the Hoadies website.

  • A lovely hot sunny evening but probably not the ideal conditions for
    fast times. It is noticeable that the winning time and those of us who
    did the race last year were a couple of minutes slower - well that's my
    excuse anyway!

  • Conditions were indeed far from ideal as humidity was up at about 80%, temperatures in the low 20's and very little breeze. All times were approximately a couple of minutes or so down with regards to the Hoad and BCR times, which I am sure that the weather was the reason - so hydrate well on Saturday and have a great Summer Challenge

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