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3 Shires race this weekend 18th Sept

Please note comments that Selwyn has posted on the Ambleside website:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Three Shires Race - Parking and Start
Our parking fields are in a very bad state and its continuing to rain heavily in the valley. This means that once again we shall have to use Hodge Close Quarry for parking on Saturday.

There will be marshalls / signs from the main Ambleside - Coniston road and you will need to allow 45 minutes extra travelling time (including a 25 minute walk which gets very wet in places - wellies recommended!). There will be a £2 charge for parking which the marshalls will collect.

Please do not try to park anywhere else in the valley - we have good relations with our neighbours and we want to keep it that way!

  • There will be no Junior races this year*

We shall have a large tent at the start and the usual tea and cakes after the race. Pete Bland will be in attendance at the race start and we urge you to stick around for the presentation. We'd like to keep the usual atmosphere in these difficult circumstances!

The Start

To further add to our worries we have discovered that the County Council are going to replace the footbridge 300 metres into the race and there will be no bridge next weekend! The river is currently (like it?) waist deep and so we plan to walk you over the very narrow Slaters Bridge and start the race on the track on the south side.

Sorry for all the disruption!


  • No junior races means no flagging from the top of Loughrigg to the end, it's surprisingly easy to miss the best route....

  • I mean Lingmoor (or is it Lingmell?)

  • It's Lingmoor. Lingmell is near Wasdale ..

    I didn't know there WAS a best route ! .. who'se been keeping that a
    secret then :wink:

  • What a fuss over the footbridge.
    Every year I've done the Three Shires race I've always ran across the river rather than get held up by runners crossing the bridge. The runners are going to get wet feet eventually, and usually before the top of Wetherlam, even if it's good weather on the day.
    The year it rained there (2005 or 6), the river was waist deep proved no problem for yours truly, as I have high experience of crossing fast flowing water, namely estuary channels, those in the Solway are more powerful than the Duddon.

    Wonder if Selwyn has crossed an estuary channel yet?

    That narrow bridge I think is on the way we come from Hodge Close parking, or is that another crossing I'm thinking of.

    Good job the Langdale half marathon and marathon races aren't this weekend, as that would've been even more disruption in the valley.

    Both these events (of which I'm running the latter) pass the Three Shires Inn meaning the locals will get two consecutive weekends of runners in this area.:smile:

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