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edited September 2010 in Black Combe championships

Start times are published. Good to see a large BCR contingent. But be warned, I have a plan....Steve Birkinshaw starts a mere 3 minutes after me as the final starter at 10 am. I'm going to slow down to let him catch up before courses disperse onto the fells then follow him into the finish. Should guarantee me a top 5 placing I estimate.:devil:


  • My plan, seeing as I'm off before dawn, is to run grooves through the bracken in all the wrong directions to try to lead others astray.

  • I'm sharing the start line with Tom Brunt, so I plan to tuck in behind
    for navigational purposes and then sprint past at the end when he's

  • Good luck everyone, have a good run and don't forget your gels - it's going to be warm:wink:

  • This event is next Sunday, not tomorrow, so it could be pissing down for all you know.

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