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Championships update

I have at last got round to updating the championships
. Sorry about the delay. Some

  • road champs is looking interesting. I've guessed that in the case of
    a tie the winner is decided on handicap, so Peter Grayson is
    currently in the lead. Dave Watson, Mike Jewell and Pete Tayler can
    still qualify.

  • only Pete has qualified on the fells - with alarming consistency -
    but anyone who has two races on the board (or one race and a place
    in the mountain trial) is still in the running;

  • our best performance on the fells is Mac's run at the Coniston Fair;

  • on the road it's Pete in the Gosforth 10m;
  • if Jamie keeps improving at this rate he will win Dunnerdale.

I don't have results for Broughton Mills or the Ulverston 10k. Did
anyone run them?



  • Full Ulverston 10k results

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    Thanks Pete, Mike.

    Peter is now one point ahead in the road championships. He and James
    finished within a few seconds of each other in the 10k, but for both of
    them it replaces the Coniston 17, in which James was a minute or so

    (The rounded scores are displayed for each race but I'm using the
    unrounded figures to calculate the total, so that kind of small
    difference is carried through and can have an effect.)

    In a 10k one point costs about 20 seconds...

    By the way, this seems a good time to check the rules in case of a draw.
    We could allow in some decimal points, or refer to the handicap scores,
    but Sue has suggested that both these options are bo-ring and we should
    make them sprint across Broughton square to get to the trophy. What do
    you think? Is biting allowed?

  • A bog snorkle-off?

  • I still think consideration should be given to put the already mentioned Screes race (elsewhere on the forum) as consideration for inclusion in the champs for the benefit of those who took part in the summer challenge which clashed with Broughton Mills that day, meaning they couldn't do that race as well, plus it's a bit unfair on those running the challenge at the time the race happened missed out on running at Broughton Mills that would've done so had there not been that error with the date mix-up in the FRA calendar.

    If the BM race had been on the 14th and the challenge the 7th, (or vice versa) then many more BCRs would've taken part (including me, probably running from home, doing the race, then running back home for a 24 miler, as I did in 2007) and it would've been a good supported local club event to.

    It would be interesting to read what other members think of this etc. Would you have ran the Broughton Mills fell race if the summer challenge HAD NOT clashed with this race this year (for the third consecutive year on the trot) and if the Screes race was added to the champs for those who missed out on BM, would you run that instead?
    I still plan to run the Screes, as part of a long run, starting and finishing at Seascale.

    Jackie Casey (39:18) and Robin Smithurst (51:48) only ran Broughton Mills because all the legs for the challenge were sorted out in advance.

    As previously mentioned on the forum, the Screes race is on Sat 23rd Oct at 2:30pm with £6 entry on the day and this includes a tatie-pot meal for all runners after the race. It would also fill in a lengthy gap between champs races as there is, so far, NOTHING (both road and fell) in our champs during October.

  • Oh wait. James's new total didn't include a long race. Sorry! Not very
    tied after all.

    And Karl's suggestion sounds good to me.

  • Concerning the Screes race, we talked about the possibility of adding an extra race to the champs at the last committee and concluded that as at least one club member had competed in every race so far it wouldn't be right to do so (I don't think we've had someone at every race in the champs calendar before - 6 to go to see if we can do it this year). A choice of 5 from 12 races should be enough.

    The Grange half on 26th Sept has been run earlier this year and so we replaced it with the Langdale half on the same day - there was something about this on the forum earlier this year but I can't find it now.

  • The Great Langdale half marathon BCR road champs counter race is on Sat, 25th Sep at 12 noon, NOT the 26th as the calendar section on our website wrongly points out.

    As I've already done enough road races to qualify, I'll be doing the two lap marathon on this day instead.

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    I've updated the table again with Grisedale results - thanks Karl - but
    there's no change apart from that I now qualify in a rather distant
    second place.

    One day soon the champs pages will let
    you compare your scores from year to year. For now you can still see
    last year's fell
    and road results
    on the old site. Pete needs to gain two points to beat his last year's
    score, for example. I need to gain 19 :sad: and Peter's average score on
    the road has gone up from 73 to 77.

  • edited September 2010

    Updated again, and Sue and Mac now qualify for the fell
    . My position improves a bit as
    we can forget abut Grisedale, and Pete has drawn one point ahead of his
    main competition, Pete last year, with one counter still to go.

    On the road Peter's Langdale result doesn't change his overall score,
    but it makes his victory very likely. To catch him, based on last year's
    times, James will have to go round the Derwent 10 in 1:11:20 and finish
    in 23rd place.

    (and to beat Pete on the fell, I will have to get round Dunnerdale about
    15 minutes quicker than the winner)

  • The road will most likely go to Pete T who will only need a relatively
    modest time to overhaul Pete G, though Pete G may still retain the best
    handicap score

  • Just looked at the Fell Champs results. It is very nice of someone to
    put me down as having run Coniston Country Fair on 18th July but sadly I
    missed the race. Also, if I must be credited with someone else's time
    lets make it a bit better next time - 53 points - I may be getting a bit
    older but I haven't deteriorated that much!

  • Who was the runner that must have ran in your number at Coniston Fair in July?

    What's happened most likely after the results have been published, then picked up and the tables updated accordingly, but without (obviously) the person who ran as James Goffe not telling anyone it was them running in your number.

    Rest assured it wasn't me, as I was doing the inaugural West Cumbrian Run from Cockermouth to Workington that day, the memorial race for the copper swept away in last year's floods at Northside Bridge in the town.:tongue:

  • Looks like my Country Fair result has been revealed!

    Will... can you please take the result off James and put on my row (i've checked the figures are right), thanks.

    James... sorry that you've been associated with such a poor performance... but it was a really nasty day.. i'll try for better next time!

  • edited October 2010

    Ah, is that what happened? Thank you. I did look for your time after you
    mentioned it at the 3 shires, but the Bofra website was poorly at the

    Fixed now. Robin and Jamie will qualify on the fell if they run
    Dunnerdale. Likewise Claire, Dave and Pete on the road if they get to

  • Derwentwater 10 mile results were:\
    Pete Tayler 1.09.26 and 117th\
    James Goffe 1.13.18 and 180th\
    Claire Watson 1.38.42 and 521st\
    It was a big competitive field so the scores were not great. I calculate
    that Pete gets 75 points, I get 71 and Claire gets 53 but i do not have
    the information to calculate the handicap scores. However this should
    mean that Pete Tayler is champion, Claire is Ladies champion and Pete
    Grayson wins the handicap.

  • edited November 2010

    Thanks, James. Just as you say: Pete wins the men's road trophy by 6
    points. Claire wins the women's and Peter the handicap trophy. I've
    updated the page. Well done all

  • I've added Dunnerdale to finish off the champs
    . Robin now qualifies, but I don't
    think any other scores change.

    We had 29 competitors and five qualifiers: very similar overall but with
    many fewer women in the table this year.

    Pete wins the men's fell competition and Sue the women's. Again. But I
    think both might have to work a bit harder next year...

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