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Gosforth 10 mile Wednesday 16th June

Gosforth 10 mile is next Wednesday 16th June ... not 20th as in Champs
table ...

You can enter on the night ..

Might determine how much beer you consume on the Tuesday .. :tongue:


  • BCR results

    67:39 Pete Tayler :smile: 3rd MV45 :smile:
    72:25 Pete Grayson :smile: 1st MV55 :smile:
    73:16 James Goffe
    75:44 Mike Jewell
    97:25 Karl Fursey (with England hat)

  • Good Running everyone .. wish I could have been there .. need to shake
    this cold ..

  • Terrific results guys, even more so from those that scaled BC in the afternoon prior to racing - maybe that's the secret warmup:wink:

  • Third team as well (4 to count), shame there wasn't a V45 & over team prize.

  • I think it must have been 3 to count in the team; otherwise we would have been second.

    Pete did well finishing 3rd MV45. There was a strong entry in that category, evidenced by the fact that 5 of them beat the first MV40.

  • GOSFORTH 10 mile 2012 RESULTS of the race held on 13th June.

    Winning time was 56:59 Iain Davis

    James Goffe 72:05
    Mike Jewell 73:27
    Peter Grayson 73:46
    Karl Fursey 88:01

    The club champs table needs updating with these results.
    No BCR ladies ran though Jackie Casey's 1991 course record of 59 minutes something, still stands.
    BCR were second team but didn't win any prize.:tongue:

  • GOSFORTH 2014, 10 mile (club champs counter) road race held on Wed, 11th June:

    Winning time was 55:31 by Russell Maddams of Keswick AC whilst Lucy Stobbart (Cumberland AC) won the ladies in 66:58.

    Harvey Lord 63:20
    James Goffe 75:11
    Peter Grayson 77:02 and first MV60 prize
    Mike Jewell 86:25
    Karl Fursey 98:11
    Penny Moreton 1:49.30

    The club champs table needs updating with these results yet it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that Harvey has all but won the road title for the men this year and we are still only in June.
    Penny looks favourite for the ladies, however, Amanda Seago and Lou Lyness could still qualify (and win) if they crawl out of the woodwork as they've already done a long each, but need to run four more races each, with at least one from short and medium.:smile:

  • Karl - it is very interesting putting this year's times below our 2012
    efforts but a bit depressing because we are all getting slower, apart
    from the young whipper snapper, Harvey. And well done Peter for your M60

  • The joys of getting older James - it catches us after a while :cry:

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