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Keswick / Buttermere Round 34k BCR club champs counter race 2010: change of date notice

edited December 2009 in Black Combe championships

For the first time, I believe, in Keswick ACs history, they have broken their tradition of staging the 34km Keswick / Buttermere Round race on the THIRD Sunday of February every year, and the 2010 date change could cause us a headache with our Winter Training League fixtures.

I've just seen on their (and Cumberland ACs) website that this years "Round" is taking place a week EARLIER on Valentine's Day, Sunday, 14th Feb. Normal 11am start time and £5 entry fees still apply.

We have the Black Combe up and down WTL race down for this date.
Assuming it doesn't cause too many problems, all I can suggest is we move the Black Combe run to the 21st to avoid dropping this long race from being in our club champs for 2010.

If that's a problem and we have to drop the Round, then that'll mean having two marathons in our champs, and a word of warning here is the Langdale marathon WILL clash with the South Lakes half marathon from Allithwaite on Sept 25th, assuming it's the same weekend as 2009, which is already earmarked in the club counter fixtures.


  • This is a good London warm up as well as a key long run in our championship. Hence I would agree that we should swap its date with the Black Combe WTL race.


    It is now confirmed for Sunday,13th Feb (not the 20th as one or two of us had thought).
    It will also mean that our WTL race up and down Black Combe, due on the 13th, will have to be put back a week to the 20th.

    The 21.3 mile race that is the Buttermere Round is the ideal mid-winter long race for those training for London or Windermere Marathons, is very hilly....those that have never done it before, and will be the first race in the twelve race BCR road club counters for 2011.:smile:

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