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Langdale results

The results of Saturday's race, only 2 entries in the end for BCR:
Winner Simon Booth 2:05:02
Me 2:54:43
Darren 4:13:40
Surprisingly only 309 finishers after a pre-entry of 500, maybe they'd get more racing if entry was on the day only.


  • That was tough - it didnt help getting lost in the clag between Bowfell and Crinckle Crags and coming off Blisco in slightly the wrong direction, at least I have a benchmark upon to improve for next year!!

  • I see the Langdale race was where Jim Davies came out with his new and previously secret race eating strategy - see this..... http://forum.fellrunner.org.uk/showthread.php?t=9199

  • Darren,
    At least you finished it!!

    Unlike me, who was in exactly the same position as you were on Saturday....between Bowfell and Crinkle Crags, where I got lost.....in 2003!!
    Six years on and this race is still unfinished as far as I'm concerned.
    That was also my first Langdale, and after I got lost and started to descend the Band path back then, by the time I corrected and headed for the Tarns turn off to go to Crinkle Crags, the Bowfell checkpoint marshall was on his way down and told me I was timed out after relaying that onto the next CP marshall, on the Crags.

    Maybe next year, if it doesn't clash with anything, I'll attempt to resolve this matter and try to finish the Langdale, if not, then I'll certainly finish it either in 2011, 2012, or by the 12th October, 2013, the date of that years race, as ten years is too long to go without finishing a race. Next year, if I was to do the 24 hour Tooting Bec track race again, that's a week after Langdale (assumes same dates as last and this year), then Langdale waits, as I can't afford the risk of an accident such as the one at Coledale in April that forced me to withdraw from London.

  • For those of you who are interested in the leaders going through Blisco
    CP, see here


  • Good pictures John, looks like it was quite a race (6 finishers within a minute at the end) - shame I couldn't be there to witness it!

  • Great pics John hope you are managing to sell a few of these

  • Narr, I can't be bothered Penny, anyway they are only snapshots.

  • Interesting watching the leading pack coming up to the CP as they were
    eyeing each other up to make a break for the descent. What you can't see
    in my pics though is the time difference between the first 5 and the
    next few to go through. Simon Bailey and Ian Holmes must have made up at
    least a few minutes on the leading 5 as they overtook and placed better
    than their positions at Blisco.\

  • LANGDALE ALSO HOSTS ROAD RACES, so I'll use this space to mention the 2010 BCR road champs counter Great Langdale half marathon race which took place on 25 Sep:

    The winner was Alasdair Tatham from North Yorkshire Moors AC in 1:17.18

    For calculating handicap results and updating the champs tables BCR TIMES were:
    Only one took part:
    Peter Grayson clocked 1:46.56.

    This result almost assures him the road champs title for 2010, unless James can produce at least a top 5 finish at Derwentwater 10 in November, equating to a sub 60 clocking, but I think Will can work out what he needs to do to stand any chance of beating Peter.
    (For the ladies Claire only has to turn up and finish, even if last, to win the road champs for the girls)

    The Great Langdale Marathon also took place at the same time as the half, and though NOT part of the club champs this year (has been in the past), two still took part.

    (Steve Littler of Wesham Road Runners broke the course record to win in 2:41.55)

    ME, dressed in Penguin outfit, got round in 4:58.55 but would've been quicker without it!! I will also be on Border TVs Lookaround Sport at about 6:15pm on Mon 27th, as they interviewed me at the finish, if just for a few seconds. As most of us are in the Granada region, you'll need to visit ITV.com/Border (I think) from Monday evening.

    PENNY got a pb for this course in 5:22.05, but admittedly was running for the opposition.
    ( Halfway splits were 2:19 for me and 2:30 Penny if you are interested.)

    To entice BCRs to run the Langdale Marathon on 24/09/11, they now give out technical t-shirts, as well as a medal and certificate to all finishers in the marathon only, plus the entry fee is excellent value at £18.50. (Windermere and London are £30.) Yes it's a tough hilly course, so try this out, those used to the fells, as a good fell alternative.
    IF YOU DON'T GET A LONDON PLACE IN THE BALLOT NEXT MONTH, please consider this race, or the Windermere Marathon on 22 May. I would love to see more BCRs take part in marathons locally.:surprised:

  • Absolutely cracking day out yesterday, Pete did superbly to be 6thv55 with his 1.46.44 the first v55 was in at 1.39.16. Karl took his penguin on tour round the course, some of those ascents to Blea Tarn would have been very hard in that costume! This is a well organised event, with water stations every 3 miles, stunning scenary in the autumnal light. I've now completed it 3 times and like wine I seem to maturing to it with age - I agree with Karl - pop it in the club's road champs next year - it is tougher than Windermere but it is definately worth the effort. :smile:

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