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Gosforth 10 mile

In case anyone is looking to do this on Wednesday, the Blengdale website says it starts at 7pm, not 7:30pm as we have on our race list. Entry on the day in the Lion & Lamb in Gosforth.

http://www.blengdalerunners.co.uk/Gosforth 10 2009 Entry Form.pdf


  • :smile: Black Combe Runners won an astounding 4 prizes at the Gosforth 10 :smile: They were:
    3rd MV45 - Pete T
    2nd MV55 - Pete G
    2nd female - Sue
    2nd team - Pete, Pete, James, Sue

  • Well Done BCR .. easy points in the Champs for all of you then :wink:

    I think Mike Jewell was going to run it .. anyone see him ? .. I can't find official results yet ...

    Some day I'll be running again .... :sad:

  • Mike ran and got round unscathed - not sure of his time.

    Points aren't so easy when the winner gets round in 54 minutes!

  • Results are now up for this years BCR club champs counter road race at Gosforth, and are as follows:

    Nigel Morley wins in 54:28 (Garry Dixon 2nd in 55:01 and Andrew Henderson 3rd in 58:48).
    Denise Graham is first lady (a FV35) in 70:20.

    BCR times:
    Peter Tayler 69:40 (3rd MV45 prize)
    Peter Grayson 72:37 (2nd MV55 prize)
    James Goffe 73:19
    Susan Hodkinson 74:12 (Second lady prize, but FIRST lady in her age group)
    Mike Jewell 75:55
    Darren Foote 83:58
    Me!! 91:12 (Second slowest 10 miler to date as I try to get better after April's injury)

    The Gosforth 10k road race takes place on Tuesday, 1st September starting at 6:30pm from the field where the 10 miler ends, not the Wellington end of the village a 10 minute jog away.
    As this is the normal time of our weekly Tuesday social runs, why don't we all go there on this date and take part in this instead?
    Better still, to encourage a good turnout of BCRs, replace this race in our champs, rather than the Ulverston 5k the following weekend, as we'll only have had the Summer 10k just 13 days earlier from Hoad, which I'll miss anyway.
    What do you think?:tongue:

    Missed this due to a sudden decision to go to Cornwall for a few days - look forward to hopefully running it next year
    I did do a 13 mile coastal footpath run on the same day, very up and down, best bits were the cracking views,
    and the huge pastie I ate at Marazion before returning back to where I started :wink:

  • 2010 GOSFORTH 10k (note 10k) Results for the 7th September BCR club road champs counter race are as follows:
    Hopefully this will help for updating the club champs tables. (183 runners finished.)

    Michael Cunningham (Borrowdale Fell Runners) wins in 35:47. (4 runners inside 36mins!)
    Kate Cooper (CFR) takes it for the ladies in 42:14, just pipping last years winner Denise Graham.

    Peter Grayson 44:33.
    Mike Jewell 46:09.
    Dave Watson 46:30.
    Karl Fursey 54:11.
    Claire Watson 55:07.
    Penny Moreton 56:48 (admittedly running for the opposition)

    The 2011 Gosforth 10 mile race is on Wednesday 15th June, whilst the 10k is always the first Tuesday in September, in this case the 6th, if we wish to put either, or both, into next years champs.


  • edited September 2010

    Thanks, Karl. I've updated the page.
    Your score and Peter's have both improved.

  • Shucks! - Looks like the winning time was comparatively slow and
    therefore everyone has got very good scores. Sadly I was suffering from
    a bad back and therefore missed the chance to make up some points

  • I got 88 handicap points !! .. best ever I think !\
    Hope your back better soon James .. maybe you need some Sports massage ?
    .. I reckon it's making me faster ....

    I might even do some speedwork soon ... :wink:

  • Pleased that my score has increased :smile: but surprised by the size
    of the increase :surprised:. Does my score include a long one?

    James certainly missed his opportunity :sad: as I was not feeling well
    yesterday :wink:.

  • Pleased that my score has increased but surprised by the size of the
    increase . Does my score include a long one?

    Sorry. Did it again. Should have been 392. You're still pulling away,
    though. Pete could catch up but I don't think James can, as he's stuck
    with the 72 for Coniston.

    I'll change the formatting so that you can see which races count towards
    the total.

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