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Kirkby Moor Fell Race

Morning all, message from Hazel, thanks to Ken, Charmian, Dave, Claire, Keith, Parmi, Phil and Derek for offers so far...

Hello everyone, I am writing to ask whether you will be available to marshall at this year’s Kirkby Moor Fell race on 30th November. I know this is pretty early for this request, however, we are on holiday for the whole of October and I’d like to get things organised before we go.

Peter, would you be kind enough to do the computing and results? Dave H, would Val be available to help with refreshments. Dave P and Phil, would Lorraine and Christine be available to help on registration?

If there is anybody else who you think might be available and willing to help, please let me know.

Thank you very much folks.

Best wishes


  • From Hazel:

    Hi everyone, following an extremely successful Dunnerdale (congratulations Anna), thoughts are now turning to Kirkby Moor on Sat 30th November. I would like to recruit 4 more volunteers please. Specifically, I need one more for registration, 2 for the finish and one marshall - most likely Shooting House Hill. I also need someone to run results from the finish to Peter in the hall. A fast finisher would be ideal - Josh?

    Would anyone like to bake a cake or cakes this year? I am going to ask for donations this time with any profits going to the local community/sports club. Thanks very much.
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