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Dunnerdale 2019

Hi all,

Online entries are open for Dunnerdale here.

2nd November this year (1pm start), brought forward a week to coincide with the FRA Do that we're organising that night (if you fancy the Do as well you can get tickets for both that and the Dunnerdale race here).

Get your entries in! Would be fab to see a veritable army of BCRs racing at Dunnerdale this year!



  • Hello,

    It's 3 weeks until Dunnerdale and Iā€™m looking for folk to help out on the day, please (Sat 2nd Nov). Thanks to those who have already confirmed they can help (Dave Parminter, Peter Grayson, Ken Lindley, David Hughes, Jane Rousseau, Dave Hobbins, John Hutton, Roger Troughton, Phil Newton and Charmian). Big thanks to Will for sorting the online entries despite a monstrous workload.

    We are operating a car share scheme this year, as well as encouraging people to arrive on bike/foot ā€“ so a few more helpers than usual are needed on registration & parking to help sort this.

    Please can you let me know if you are able to help on the day, and if you have a preference as to which job from the list below.

    • Help Phil Newton set up parking hazard tape before race (1 or 2 needed)
    • Registration (5 people)
    • Parking field (3 people)
    • Easy marshalling (no need to write down numbers) at road junction/gate before the Knott and after Great Stickle and on the Knott summit (6 people)
    • Finish (5 people)
    • Help Peter Grayson compile results/ferry results from finish/to hall (2 people)
    • Organising pies/brews in village hall (2-3 people)

    Thanks in advance! Anna

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