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Summer Challenge 2019

Summer challenge time! We suggested a few options to the committee earlier in the year and they chose the Old County Tops option with the idea that we could do the whole thing in daylight this time.

The challenge is pencilled in on the 28th of July. Start and finish are at the Bluebird lake shore in Coniston and Sue has been working out some legs. Here is a first go round to see what you feel like doing:

• Leg 1: Bluebird to Three Shires Stone. 2h

• Leg 2: Bike from 3SS to Travellers' Rest in Grasmere. 1h

• leg 3: Travellers' Rest to Wythburn via Helvellyn. 2h

• leg 4: Wythburn to Cockley Beck via SFP. 4h

• leg 5: Cockley Beck to Bluebird via COM. 2h

It's a fairly straightforward run but with nice legs and a good length. Anyone who'd like to do the whole thing is welcome to choose their own start time. Maps and pictures to follow, and we will think of a suitable task to do on the way.

The rough times above make it a leisurely 11 hours and therefore a 5 or 6am start, but I think we could take an hour or two off if the long leg is done at Josh and Tim sort of speed.

ps. The bike leg looks a bit short until you think about getting to Three Shires in the first place. Lynn Murray can probably do it from home...
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  • At last night’s Committee meeting we roughly agreed the following:
    Leg1 will be a slower leg with Rob and Philip Newton, Helen Walker and anyone else who wants to join. Probably looking at a 5am sort of start.
    Leg 2 bike leg with Julian Donnelly and Kathleen Gill and Hollie Orr.
    Leg 3 with me and Jess Lawrence
    Leg 4 with Josh Hartley and Tim Ripper and anyone fast and brave enough to join them!
    Leg 5 with Pete Tayler, Hazel Tayler and James Goffe.

    If you weren’t at the meeting but would like to join a leg, just say here. Once we know who is doing what, we can look at logistics and more accurate timings.

    I thought it might be nice to leave a painted pebble at each top.

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    Here is a final timetable for the Summer Challenge on Sunday. Leg 3 is hurrying up a bit so that leg 1 doesn't have to get up quite so early, but the rest is quite relaxed. We're going for a nice day out this time.

    Everyone is invited to join in: the names here are only the ones we know about. Please invite people to join your leg, or direct them to the right one. Various cars will be carrying people around to reach the start or get back from the end, so let us know and we'll fit you in somewhere.

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