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Matthew's Round (FINALLY!)

Dear Black Combe Runners,

I have been talking it up for years, but I am finally hoping to take on the Bob Graham Round this Summer.

Training has been going better than expected and so I am thinking of getting this weighty burden done and dusted sooner rather than later!

I am intending to race the Long Duddon and the Great Lakes. Then, all going well, I could be ready for an attempt over the weekend commencing Saturday 29th June 2019.

Naturally, I am looking for some help to encourage me around all 42 peaks, ideally with two support runners on each leg.

The proposed date clashes with the Darren Holloway Memorial Race (Buttermere Horseshoe) and so I wanted to canvas availability.

Please leave a message on the Forum or drop me a note using the following e-mail address: MJAllen020285@gmail.com

Thanks in advance,



  • Good move bringing it forward. You're fit and ready to go. Put me down for 4 or 5.

  • Good move Matt, we’ll help wherever you need.
  • Put me down for wherever Matt, but would like to do 2 legs (maybe 3 and 4). Ideal time for a final long run before the 50.

  • Go for it Matt, leg 2 preferred and happy to help move people about etc etc- whatever the hour!

  • Dear Black Combe Runners,

    Aligned to the subject title, the plan is to meet with fellow fell runners in Keswick at a suitable watering hole from 21:45 onwards as of 29th June 2019 for a refreshing pint.

    Prior to the above, there is the small task of summiting 42 peaks in under 24 hours!

    First and foremost, my thanks to all those who have very kindly offered up their spare time to provide support for my big day in the fells.

    Having taken my parents on a whistle-stop tour of the Lake District and safely placed them on a train heading back down the country, I can finally focus my full attention on the matter at hand!

    My main goal is to simply become a member of the Bob Graham Club and as such I have generated a schedule based on completing a clockwise round in 23 hours starting from the Moot Hall at 23:00 on Friday 28th June 2019.

    As per many more recent attempts on the Bob Graham Round, I am intending to set off up Skiddaw on Friday night and trot around Leg One in the dark.

    Closer to the date, if the weather is utterly horrendous, I may possibly take the decision to postpone the event by 24 hours.

    I have tried to secure at least two nominated support runners for each leg, who are hopefully aware and have already seen a copy of the enclosed schedule.


    Leg One – Steve Wathall and Will Ross
    Leg Two – Anna Lupton and Harvey Lord
    Leg Three – Allan Clarke and Pete Tayler
    Leg Four – John Millen and Tim Ripper
    Leg Five – Girl Power (Beth, Hazel, Jess and Sue)


    Naturally, I am more than happy for other members of the fell running community to join the party, but please be mindful to respect the route along with the history, traditions and ethos of the round.

    I empower each pair to agree upon roles and responsibilities when it comes to navigating and generally being a dedicated mule! The only exception is Leg Three, where sadly Allan you are simply going to be my “lacquey” for six hours as I whinge and whine over the rocky Scafell section!


    Leg One – Slow and steady chaps, just keep me on schedule. Being a Southern fairy, I do not descend over rocks particularly well and so I plan to come off Blencathra via Doddick Fell.
    Leg Two – This is a very runnable section. Anna and Harvey you must ensure that I do not get carried away. I intend to descend Dollywagon Pike to the East side of Grisedale Tarn and then ascend Fairfield on the main path.
    Leg Three – Six hours of purgatory! Just keep me fuelled and point me in the right direction. The route from Scafell Pike to Scafell is yet to finalised, but most likely via Foxes Tarn.
    Leg Four – All the mincing around on the rocky sections of Leg Three needs to be recovered on Leg Four. No pressure John and Tim, this is where I hope to make up any lost time against the schedule.
    Leg Five – Thinking positively, I would like to finish strongly and by this point let’s just knock it out of the park!


    With respect to support at each of the road crossings, Charmian has very kindly offered to be present at Threlkeld, thereafter Hazel will be in charge at Dunmail Raise and Wasdale before Pete picks up the mantle at Honister Pass.

    I have ordered a GPS tracker for the weekend, so that everyone can keep fully up to date with my progress and I shall endeavour to set up a WhatsApp group. To be honest, the task might be delegated to Rob Browne.

    This message is now getting rather long and so I will leave it at that. Keep an eye out for further correspondence over the weekend covering apparel and sustenance.

    If I have missed any vital details then please get in touch.

    A rather apprehensive,


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