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Next few Tuesday Night runs

Hi all

already in the calendar
22/1 White Pike or Dow, Newfield, Will/Sue
29/2 AGM (nothing arranged - short run from Kepplewray when we know when the pie is served)
5/2 Oxen Park Mud, Julian, the pub at Oxen Park

runs to add to calendar
12/2 Old Man from Trover, Wilsons Arms, Josh/Jess
19/2 Kirkby Moor (or variant), Will/Sue, Stan Laurel
26/2 Whitwell from Corney, Tim/Beth, Kings Head or Black Cock
5/3 Committee Meeting Night, Guards Wood and Tarn Hows from Sports Club Coniston, Black Bull, Pete/Haze
12/3 Ulpha to Stickle Pike and circles in the dark, James, Newfield



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