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Tilberthwaite Social Run - 14th August

Evening, this is a little premature but just so it's up there,

There's a group going up and down Wetherlam for this run but, as stated on the social run page, I'm planning on a slower run up over to Little Langdale, around the tarn (I'm afraid some is on tarmac), and then back through the Cathedral caverns and mines which is always cool, especially if you've never seen them. It's pitch black inside so a torch is useful (I'll have a head torch).

A small disclaimer: There is some scrambling required to get up into the quarry but it's reasonable. Also, it is dark in the mines, in case I hadn't made that clear! :)


Your friendly neighbourhood Gimli.

PS. I've never come across Orcs! Or a Balrog. That doesn't mean they're not there... but I've never come across them. Pack a sword, just in case. ;)

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