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Scafell picnic back on for the 26th June

The weather for this Tuesday’s Scafell picnic is looking amaaaazing. The main group usually sets off a little later than normal at 6.45 to give people extra time to get there. I will be setting off a bit earlier - say 6.25. If you want to come with me, let me know and I’ll wait for you.


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    People have been asking so here's a map of the picnic route. I recced it a couple of weeks ago and it took me about 90 minutes at a steady pace to get to Sca Fell summit. It expect it would only be another 15 to get back down to Slight Side.

    ps. yes, I wobbled off the path a couple of times here. There's a good trod most of the way but it gets a little vague when boggy.

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