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Tuesday 8th May

Hi All,
Do we have a route planned for the 8th? I'm hoping to attend but I may be late so if we have a route I can try to catch you up.


  • The first part is very straightforward. Starting from the Newfield we run to the start of the Walna Scar Road via Turner Hall Farm (you can make up quite a bit of time by parking at the parking area at the start of the Walna Scar) then left over the bridge and up the track to Seathwaite Tarn, then cross over the dam and start the ascent of Grey Friar - hopefully you will have caught up by then.
    I am still troubled by a hamstring pull from Thursday so will need to find an easy alternative.

  • I'm supposed to be leading slow group. Plan to eave 18:20 from Newfield. We can decide on which route when we see who is running but could go same way as the big boys.
    Does anyone know who is leading the main group and have any arrangements been made with the Newfield?

  • I'm not going to make it after all. I don't finish in Barrow until after 6 so there is no way I can make it to Newfield even remotely in time.
    Enjoy the run.

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