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British Fell Relay Champs 2018 and HBMR 2018

I've just sent this by email but in case you don't see it here it is again... (responses on the forum are sufficient, no need to email me)

It seems a bit early to be asking for names for this year's British Fell Relays but entries open on 1st June. They are hosted by Ambleside AC in Grasmere on Saturday 20th October.
There is a limit of 200 teams. I will try to enter as many teams as possible and see what happens as they say if they get over 200 entries they will apply selection criteria. Please only put your name forward if you definitely want to run and will be putting the date in your diary. Last minute drop outs for injury and illness are understandable but just deciding you've got something better to be doing that day causes me unnecessary organisational headaches.

And while you're emailing me about that you might as well also say if you're keen to do the Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay on Sunday 7th October.
We only get 2 teams for this relay. As we had a mixed team and a vets team last year my hope is to enter an open mens team and a womens team and get full strength teams out to see what we can do compared to the big clubs.

Both are great club days out so I hope to hear from lots of you saying your up for it!


  • British Fell Relays 20th October... Please let me know by this Friday if you would like a run and I will include as many people as possible (if you become available at a later date you can let me know then and I'll see what I can do).

    I currently have these possible team members:

    Mens open - Matt Rooke, Josh Hartley, Tim Ripper, Harry Stainton, Lord Harvey

    Vets - Pete Tayler, Julian Donnelly, John Millen, Nick Sebly, Will Ross, Chris Roberts, Steve Wrathall, Peter Coupe

    Womens open - Beth Rpper, Hazel Tayler, Lynn Murray, Jackie Casey, Sophie Roberts, Sue Ross, Jess Lawrence, Alice Louisa, Anna Lupton, Hollie Orr

    If I get a few more names I can enter another team, probably a mixed team. So then we'd have 4 teams like the last couple of years.

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