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Message from Hazel

Hi everyone, I am celebrating a rather large birthday on 10th April! To celebrate the occasion I am planning a a scone and cream tea at The Church House, Torver, on Sunday 8th April. It would be lovely to see you all there - everyone welcome. We will be in the pub from 3.30 pm. We are also planning a short walk from The Church House starting at 1.30 pm. Families most welcome. Please feel free to plan your own run if you’d prefer and we’ll see you in the pub later!

Would you let me know if you can come so I can give the pub an idea of numbers. PS I’d love to see you even if you can only spare half an hour!


  • And a change of plan already...

    Hi everybody, we have a change of plan because the pub won’t have us as it’s Easter. So, now it’s the Newfield for a walk/run from 1.30 and back to the Newfield for afternoon tea and beer and prosecco from 3 pm. I’ve booked the back room just for us. Hope you can still make it.🍹🍷🥃🍰🍸
  • Count me in!

  • edited April 2018
    More from Haze.........Hi everyone, I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at the Newfield. Afternoon tea will be from 3.30 (or something stronger)! We’ll be at the Newfield for 1.30 pm and are planning an easy walk if anyone would like to join us. See you then.
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