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Social runs latest batch from 20th March

20 March Duddon Furnace --Phil--black cock

27 march dunnerdale-- James-- Blacksmiths-- social group Ian/rob

3 april--Coniston Old Man--Pete--crown social --group Rob

10th april --Black combe summer reccie--? --Miners-- social group Sue

will update soon!


  • 17th April Whit Fell (from top of Corney) --James--Kings Head--Social Group Ken
    24th April --White Pike/Caw from Stephenson ground--Rob??--Blacksmiths-- social group Ian
    1 May--Walna/White Maiden from Torver--Matt t--Church House--social group Phil
    8 May--Grey Friar--Josh/Jess--Newfield--social group Rob
    15 May--Beacon Fell --Julian--Royal Oak Spark Bridge--Social Group Sue
    22 May--Black Combe--Will/Sue--Punch Bowl--Social Group Ken

  • Hi can someone else lead the social group next Tuesday ad Ian and i wont be there due to unforeseen commitments

  • Actually I will be OK for Tuesday. Suggest slower group leaves at 18:20 for a modified Dunnerdale run - missing out Raven crag and possibly Gt Stickle depending on time and weather.
    Don't forget to pre-order at Blacksminths if you want to eat!

  • HI
    I'm down to lead the social group run. So set off 6.20pm same run as the others but will circumvent Buckbarrow.

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