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Forum updated

edited February 2018 in Everything else

If you're seeing the new version - which you are - then you can go ahead and post messages. Passwords and permissions should have arrived intact, along with the 5,054 messages about pies and pubs that we have painstakingly tidied up and carried over.

One of the main reasons for the upgrade was to achieve better facebook integration. Now that it's up, we can start working on that. You should also find that editing messages, attaching files, giving yourself a picture and that sort of thing are much easier to get at, and we can add a sensible mobile layout now too.

The previous version of the forum was pretty much unchanged since 2006, so this update was a little overdue. It's still not exactly cutting edge, but with any luck that will mean it's as robust as last time.

To give yourself a profile picture, click on 'My Profile' on the right, then "Change Picture", which might be in very tiny writing at top right on your profile page.

You can also add files and images to posts directly. Here's one showing all the smileys we support.


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