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AGM 30th January; food orders, please contact Kepplewray with you choice of Pie, meat or veg. Kepplewray number is 01229 716936 or email stay@kepplewray.org.uk. No Order No food!


  • Please see attached agenda and details of new membership structure which is to be voted on

  • Is there a plan for when the AGM will start? I gather that sometimes there is a short run before and sometimes not. If there is a run, I am not sure that I will joining so I was wondering when the main event is due to start.

  • Usual plan is to meet at Kepplewray for short run starting promptly at 6:30, typically trail/road around Broughton. Run will be about half hour - 40 mins then straight in for pies then AGM. No set schedule or attempt to be organised, that wouldn't be very BCR! Hope this helps.

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