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BCR'S winter training league 2018

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Any dates for the BCR winter training league after the Po House 9km road loop which is always on New Year's Day please?


  • Dear Black Combe Runners,

    I hope that everyone had a cracking Christmas and is well rested! It is now time to start thinking about your running ambitions and goals for 2018 and what better way to kick start the New Year than the Winter Training League.

    Sorry I am so late in posting the fixture list for 2018, please find the dates for your diaries included below. If you spot any fundamental anomalies please let me know.

    Date: Monday 1st January 2018
    Location: Po House

    Race 1
    Date: Sunday 7th January 2018
    Location: Appletree Worth

    Race 2
    Date: Sunday 14th January 2018
    Location: Giant's Grave

    Race 3
    Date: Sunday 4th February 2018
    Location: Whin Rigg

    Race 4
    Date: Sunday 11th February 2018
    Location: Birkrigg Common

    Race 5
    Date: Sunday 18th February 2018
    Location: Blawith Fells

    Race 6
    Date: Sunday 4th March 2018
    Location: Black Combe

    As many of you are aware, I am now regularly based at Barnard Castle in Teesdale for work. So this year, more than ever, I shall be looking for willing volunteers to take the lead in hosting each fixture.

    I am proposing that the Po House fixture starts at 11:00 on New Year's Day with all remaining Winter League races commencing at 10:30, which should provide ample time earlier in the morning to mark up the relevant course.

    On a final note, for anyone who is not familiar with the Winter League, please follow the enclosed hyperlink for more details on the general concept and scoring system. (http://bcrunners.org.uk/cal/winterleague).

    Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2018,


  • Still think Birkrigg should be moved to the 28th Jan and Whin Rigg left at 11th Feb.
    This would give members a choice of having the 4th off, or more likely they'll want to give Kendal winter league races Birkrigg fixture a go, especially as it's right on our patch, and Lizzie has her speed sessions here, plus there wouldn't be three consecutive Sundays of our winter league runs after the 14th Jan's race.

  • Thanks for sorting this out again Matthew, we will be more than happy to flag and loosely organise the Giants Grave fixture on 14th Jan.

  • The route for tomorrow's Winter League race, starts at 10:30am at the Hawk (Hawk Bridge) beyond Broughton Mills. The course will be (sort of) flagged - clockwise round the right hand loop then anti-clockwise round the left hand loop.

  • Well that upload worked well...map will be available at the race!

  • Good Morning Black Combe Runners,

    The next round of the Winter League starts from Appletree Worth at 10:30 on Sunday 7th January 2017; my thanks to Hazel and Pete for taking the lead to coordinate proceedings. Parking is limited, so I recommend that you car share where possible. For those new to the Winter League, make sure you dig out the off-road shoes from now on! The course is mostly track and trail, approximately 9.3 kilometres in length with about 300 metres of ascent. The contest for the trophies starts getting a lot more competitive from here on in!

    Have a great weekend,


  • Dear Karl,

    Many thanks for your feedback on the fixture list for the Winter Training League. I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments. Three races over three weekends is probably a little excessive. Since Helm Hill are running on 'our' patch, it would be great to turn up and show them who really is the best fell running club in town!

    If the race organisers are in agreement, I will move the Birkrigg Common fixture to Sunday 28th January 2018 to enable club members the opportunity to squeeze in some local training before then competing in the Kendal Winter League at the same venue on Sunday 4th February 2018.

    http://www.helmhill.co.uk/pdfs/Helm documents/KWLFixtures2018.pdf

    This will subsequently mean that the new route up Whin Rigg is postponed until Sunday 11th February 2018.

    I shall keep you updated on the final decision.

    All the very best,


  • Afternoon All,

    For those that have not yet guessed, the weekend is a time for me to catch up on administration and correspondence!

    So apologies for the delay, but please finally find attached the results from the first round of the Winter Training League held at Po House on New Year's Day. There were just the ten runners, who managed to bag themselves some low scores in the battle to become Champion for 2018.

    Having set off together John Bailey and Rob Overton had a great tussle all the way round the course with Rob just surging ahead to claim victory. Will Ross also put in a strong performance having started from the back of the pack; perhaps he has eyes on some silverware this year! The fastest scratch time on the day was set by Martin Currie in a time of 43:18.

    I am looking forward to seeing lots of eager and enthusiastic runners at Appletree Worth tomorrow morning and so I best start refining the handicap times knowing just how competitive everyone is.

    See you soon,


  • Matt - Oops just seen this!
    Thankfully Tim and I are available on the changed date for the Whin Rigg race so we can still lead organisation of this one, if that helps..? We'll send further details closer to the time.
    Have you got many volunteers for the other races? If not we may need to ask folk via the fb group (not sure how many people use the forum regularly now).
    Looking forward to it!

  • Bacon butties at our house after the race! All welcome.

  • (The race this Sunday on Birkrigg that is)

  • Woo! Brilliant idea Sue! We were thinking a similar idea at ours for after the Whinrigg WTL, will let people know! :smile:

  • edited January 2018

    Very sorry but no bacon butties after all. Everyone has flu and it's
    like the Crimea in here. You really wouldn't want to.

  • Who has the flags as I don't mind flagging the route?

  • Afternoon John,

    I have a set of flags.

    If you are still available, shall I meet you at 09:30 tomorrow morning on Birkrigg Common to mark up the course?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Yes see you there. I'm going to go off a bit earlier as not racing.


  • Dear All,

    I am somewhat behind at posting the results from the Winter Training League. First up, please find the timing sheet from Appletree Worth on Sunday 7th January 2018. It was a glorious day and the race was full of thrills and spills thanks to Mr. Jack Frost!

    The prize for 'best war wounds' went to John Parminter, particularly after regaining composure and having the cheek to run me down on the finishing straight to snatch the final podium spot!

    The overall bragging rights went to debutant Chris Durkin who completed the course in a total time of 71:39, setting the benchmark very high indeed and it was that man, Martin Currie, again finishing with the fastest scratch time of 47:09.

    Keep running!


  • Evening All,

    My thanks to those runners who turned out for the Winter Training League at Giant's Grave on Sunday 14th January 2018. I think everyone would agree that Kath and Julian did a superb job as event organisers! The course was well marked, the lap timing was great and there was even photographs to boot!

    So, another week and another new member showing their pedigree! Jess Lawrence but everybody to shame by running two very well measured and consistent lap times, which earned her the victory spoils following a late tussle with Chris Durkin.

    Not too far behind the leaders, Josh Hartley was busy setting the fastest scratch time, romping around the course in 35:40 on his way to knocking 16 seconds off the quickest time from 2017. Finally, yours truly continued his ongoing rivalry with Nick Sebley, which is shaping up to be quite the contest! It is now one a piece, with everything to play for at Birkrigg Common.

    Please find the full set of results attached along with the overall standing for the series to date.

    See you soon,


  • Hello everyone! Tim and I will be hosting the next WTL race, to be held at Whin Rigg, starting at 10:30am this Sunday. Free parking is at the car park just south of Irton Pike. You then need to walk to the start, taking the main path up to the fell gate (when you reach a fork in the path, stay right). It's about 10-15 mins to the start, so give yourself enough time for this. The route is a straight up to Whin Rigg summit, and then back down. Bacon butties, tea n coffee at ours afterwards. Please remember to check the weather forecast and bring appropriate warm gear (map n compass) - it's a fell route and the summit is at 530m. Looking forward to seeing you there!!

  • Hello everyone! Just wondering who is planning to head over to the wild west tomorrow? Mainly so we can get enough bacon!! Weather is looking pretty exciting at the moment (very cold and high winds) so we're just considering potential alternative routes so we can still have a fun, safe run out. We'll let you know shortly. If you could message below and confirm if you're coming that would be helpful. Spectators/kids/dogs who don't want to stand in the rain are very welcome to crash at ours, have tea, coffee etc :smile:

  • Whin Rigg WTL - CANCELLED\
    Run & bacon butties still on!

    Hi all,\
    Due to injury, illness, weather and lack of interest Whin Rigg WTL is
    sadly cancelled.\
    However, it would still be good to go for a run - if anyone would like
    to join us for a run and bacon butties + tea at ours after is very
    welcome. Let us know on here or forum if you're interested and we'll
    agree time and place.\
    Tim & Beth

  • Hello everyone, seems like very few people are able to make it over tomorrow, so we think the best plan is to cancel fully all plans for tmw. Very sorry about this, we were hopeful something could work out but perhaps not meant to be.
    Tim and I are going to have a bacon butty eating competition instead...:shocked:

  • Probably a wise move as high winds expected

  • Huge thank you to Matthew for today's fantastic WTL race - I understand he started flagging at 07:30 this morning! - Sophie and Matt R for timing and Julian and Kathleen for providing delicious home made cakes and tea afterwards. Great to see everyone, what a lovely Sunday! :)
    (Ps, Sorry if I've forgotten anyone else that helped out!)
  • Can someone print off the handicaps and bring tomorrow please? Matt is snowed in over at Barnard Castle and hasn’t yet sent me any handicaps or scores. Have tried to open the docs above but they’re not working.
  • The last race was completed today, up and down a balmy Black Combe. You probably didn’t know results going into it, but Chris Roberts and James Goffe had completed 4 races, Chris 4 points ahead. But John Bailey had completed 3 and could finish 16 places down on Chris and still win. In the ladies series Sue Lomas was the only one with 4 races done, with Viv Riley on 3.
    In the event, John completed the race (6th) and takes the men’s winter league, for the ladies no one else completed 4 races so Sue wins that. Prizes will be presented at the club Christmas dinner in December. I’m sure Matt will publish full results in time.
    1st, James Harris, total time 71:45, own time 38:00
    2nd, James Goffe, 73:45, 56:45
    3rd, John Parminter, 77:41, 52:26
    4th, Matt Thompson, 78:03, 48:03
    5th, Tim Ripper, 79:34, 46:49
    6th, John Bailey, 81:54, 63:24
    7th, Nick Sebley, 81:56, 55:26
    8th, Chris Roberts, 83:34, 64:19
    9th, Hazel Tayler, 85:45, 73:00
    10th, Pete Tayler, 87:21, 61:06
    11th, Anna Lupton, 89:04, 57:04
  • Message from Sue Lomas:


    I am really sorry I missed yesterday's 5th & final one, up & down Black Coombe. I wanted to but I am a total wimp on snowy/icy ground! Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved in planning/organising/flagging/timing etc the WTL races. I really enjoyed doing them & am immensely grateful to everyone whose hard work made them possible. Thanks particularly to Matt who made me feel so welcome every Sunday.

    Thanks again.

    Sue Lomas

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