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Spark Bridge, Tuesday 28th Nov.

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I am really sorry to say that, due to an unexpected malfunction in my right knee, I won't be able to lead this run on Tuesday. I have a nice new route reccied and hopefully we can get back to do it later in the winter but in the meantime, would anyone like to offer an alternative? Or perhaps if I post a map, someone would like to lead the run from Bletherbarrow Lane down to Ickenthwaite that we did last year? Julian.


  • The Tilberthwait run that I am due to in January could be done instead.

  • Thanks Matt, that would obviously be fine by me and I will be around on 16th January if we can just do a straight swap?

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    Sounds like a good deal, and the Crown is quite relaxed about late
    bookings. I've updated the calendar.

  • Right oh. Can anyone advise on what a typical pub booking is (8 people for 20:30 by the time we have driven down the road? Or is it more involved than this?) and I will give the Criwn a call.

  • The Crown is easy because we just eat in the bar. It's more of a
    courtesy call to say that [guess number of people] are going to come
    in at [guess time] and is that ok?

    8 and 8.30 is probably about right.

  • Thank you for getting this sorted. Enjoy the run.

  • The Crown almost laughed at me when I rang about a reservation - the chap didn't think that they would be busy enough to warrant him picking up a pencil and recording the reservation. The predictable disaster awaits us.

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