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Newsie on the Horizon!

edited November 2017 in Newsletters

Hello everyone!

It's approaching Newsie time again, so thought I'd give you a gentle pre-Christmas reminder so you can get your creative juices flowing over a glass of mulled wine during the festive season. Plan is to get an issue together for our AGM in late January...deadline for submissions of Friday 5th January please. All contributions welcome - here are some suggested topics below.

2 x Bob Graham Reports - Rob and Beth
Summer challenge - Will/Sue
Pikes of the Lakes - Tim
English Champs - Becca/Anna
Fell Relays - Volunteer?
Hodgson Brothers Mountain Relay - Volunteer?
Cumbria traverse - Harvey
Black Combe Country Fair - Pete
Kirkby moor - Haze
Dunnerdale - Mike V
Black Combe Mountain Festival - Beth
Caw to Caw - Beth/Tim
Lakeland Trails 55km - Becca/Matt
Summer Champs (Fell/Road) - Volunteer
Update on Juniors/Coaching courses - Sophie/Lynn
Any other personal challenges, achievements, observations, advice, anecdotes...? Summer holiday adventures?

As you know, newsie contributions don't have to be long and it doesn't matter if you contributed before of not at all. All content welcome!

Thanks all,


  • Hi everyone... quick reminder that I'll be putting the next newsie together soon, so all contributions welcome by 5th January please!
    Have a lovely Christmas,

  • Newsie contributions in for Friday please. Not much content at the mo, so please get your stuff sent over to me. Cheers, Beth

  • Sept 19 Newsie now available on facebook

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