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Kirkby Moor

edited November 2017 in Black Combe races

Update on the Bob Grieve Trophy standings after Dunnerdale, with only Kirkby Moor to go - for the fastest combined times across Black Combe, Caw, Dunnerdale and Kirkby....
For the men's trophy, Ben Proctor is in the lead (2:59:40) about 10 minutes ahead of 3 chasers - James Harris (3:08:22), Josh Hartley (3:11:10) and previous winner Paul Reilly (3:11:35). Also with 3 completed races are Sean Robinson, David Griffin, Nick Sebley, Phil Clayton, and Jon Bailey.
For the women's trophy, Lynn Murray is the only person still in with 3 completed races, in 4:00:31.

An there will be cake at the end, can we have some volunteers to make one please?


  • From Hazel....
    Hi All, Thanks once again for your offer of help at Kirkby Moor next week:

    I have allocated everyone to a particular job. Please would you check the list below to see what you are doing. Let me know if there are any issues.


    Checkpoint 1 and 8 (1st windmill and final gate) Ken Linley and Keith Nixon
    Checkpoint 2 (Cairn) Phil Newton and Dave Parminter
    Checkpoint 3 (walled corner) Val Gill and Gill O'Connell
    Checkpoint 4 (Shooting House Hill) Dave Hobbins and John
    Checkpoint 5 and 7 (road crossing) Beth Ripper
    Checkpoint 6 (Bank House Moor) Dave and Claire Watson
    Finish and Timing Kath Gill and Kate Berry (timer and stop watch)
    Finish number cross check Jane Disley
    Results runner Lou Lyness


    Lorraine Parminter
    Kate Berry
    Kath Gill


    Val Hobbins
    Lorraine Parminter


    Peter Grayson


    Peter Tayler

    ROUTE FLAGGING (from road crossing up to Bank House Moor)

    Pete and Hazel Tayler


    Pete and Hazel Tayler

    Please would all marsalls arrive between 9.30 and 10 a.m. to collect your weather writers and myself or Pete will give a briefing.

    Thank you all once again.

    Best wishes

  • Thanks for organising this Hazel! Hope you've got last year's weather sorted too

  • Results showing that BCR got 1st man, 1st woman, 1st M50, 1st M60, 1st
    men's team and 1st women's team. We let the other clubs win a few

  • Following the Kirkby Moor race we now know winners of the Bob Grieve trophies for 2017 were Ben Proctor (Helm Hill) and Lynn Murray Black Combe Runners). This is awarded for the fastest combined time across the Black Combe, Caw, Dunnerdale and Kirkby Moor races. There were 7 completions this year:
    Ben - 3:54:11
    Josh Hartley (BCR) - 4:04:58
    James Harris (BCR) - 4:06:36
    Paul Reilly (Helm Hill) - 4:09:43
    Nick Sebley (BCR) - 4:46:14
    Lynn - 5:15:20
    Jon Bailey (BCR) - 6:18:03

    Well done all, there were so many who ran 3 races, let's see if we can get more completions next year.

  • Results are up here:


    Josh is an excellent new entry at 17 in the the all-time results but
    Harry at 4th still has the BCR record, despite never winning the race or
    (to my knowledge) ever going the right way.


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