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Christmas Party 2017

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Everyone get the 16th December into their diaries for the best night of their lives....
Black Combe Runners Christmas Party!!
This year we will be returning to Bardsea Malt Kiln. For anyone thats not been before the evening consists of food, awards presentation and disco. There will be pie and pies (with a veggie option) with sticky toffee pudding all served on real plates. Everyone can choose 1 song to add to the disco playlist. So get thinking of your favourite banging party song, otherwise you will have to put up with my music taste which I'm sure will be literally nobodies cup of tea. Feel free to add your name to the list and I'll hound you for money later in the year. Check out the poster below for all the deets.
Becca and Sophie :)


  • Get yourselves to Clubbercise classes at Dalton leisure centre.
    There you'll not only get a good aerobic dance workout, and you'll get ideas for the music tracks you might want to choose for our Xmas do disco and have glowsticks to play with also.

    Clubbercise takes place there 5 days a week, and your first class is free, you just pay a fiver for the glowsticks (battery operated, not the single use ones I used at raves in the 90s), so that's your accessory also for the disco on the night.
    Class times are 7:45pm on Monday, 8:15 on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, 1:30 on Friday and the one I've been to mostly since it launched in January, is the 3pm Saturday. Lancaster also has a 5pm Saturday class which was my most attended class of 2016, all because it's not available in Millom.

  • Little Christmas Party Update!
    Pie and peas including a veggie option and sticky toffee pudding/cheesecake.
    Bring your own beer.
    Tickets cost £15.
    The evening also includes the award presentation and disco.
    Please tell Sophie if you are coming and your food choice and if you would like to add a song to the party playlist brought to you by the sparkly DJ Simon Rodger!
    Please can everyone try and hand in their money over the next couple of weeks. You can give it to either Sophie or Becca :)
    Possible dates to gives us ya money:
    19th November - Arnside Knott (if not me some other member of the willing family)
    25th November - Kirkby Moor
    Or if you happen to stumble upon me in the meantime.
    If you would prefer to pay via the ole bank transfer then send us a message and I'll give you the deets :smile:

  • Thanks for organising a great party last night Sophie and Becca :)

    Despite not particularly liking parties, it was really great that Lord
    Harvey could join us briefly for the prize giving...

  • Shame I missed him...

    Somebody left this jacket behind.

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