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Matt's Bob Graham Attempt

edited July 2017 in Everything else

Not another Bob Graham attempt I hear you groan. Yes, I am afraid so. The prospect of meeting Joss Naylor on route like Rob did is incentive enough to have a crack at it. Unfortunately for my pacers, this means that I will be asking them to carry a pen and my 28 x 22 x 2.6 cm hard backed Joss Naylor book to make sure the book signing opportunity is not missed. Given that Joss is getting on now (and lets face it, his heart has had a tough life), I think it is best to attempt it sooner rather than later, so, anyone up for supporting me on the weekend of the 28th / 29th July (keeping the 30th reserved for a better weather option)? Usual gig, set off on a clockwise 23 hour schedule etc.




  • It is looking like the 28th / 29th July is inconvenient for the majority so I have decided to move my Bob Graham event (none of this negative 'attempt' talk anymore) to the 25th / 26th August (possibly having the 27th as a bad weather reserve day). Depending on how fit I feel after the next bunch of weeks, I may try and go for a 'as fast as I can round' rather than simply aim to complete it in 23:59:59. Now 'as fast as I can' may well be 23:59 (or worse) but as I don't really want to do the round twice and I would regret it if I didn't completely bury myself, I think it is worth a go. The possible strategy is to go at a 22:30 pace for the first three legs then if I am feeling perky at Wasdale, start to increasingly thrash it out to the point that I am buried as my hand touches Moot Hall - not before! this maybe sounds a bit dramatic but the reality is that it will be walking and pootling all the way round. If my confidence is wavers, I will revert to a 23 hour round. So, anybody want to come along?

    Naturally, covering unnecessary ground will stuff matters so I would especially appreciate the support or all the experienced navigators who know the best lines.



  • Bob cancelled! I have developed a grim pain in my knee which I can only imagine getting worse on a Bob. I am not in the business of messing you all around and having a go with a risk of failure so it is cancelled. In all likelihood it will be next year now if I do it. Cheers for all the offers to help, would have been a cracking team.

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