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60@60 - David Waide

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Anyone up for supporting a 60@60 attempt on Sat 15th July? If so, contact him on his email address: dnwaide@gmail.com. Unfortunately my leg will still be in a cast so I can't support :-(

Details are here from David:

Hi Everyone,

Following my recent JNC 60 I am now planning an attempt on a 60 Peak Bob Graham round. I am planning on the 15th July with a bad weather fallback of the 22nd July. My two sons, Simon and Adam, have offered to do the road support and I am again looking for pacers on the hills. I appreciate this is holiday season and also that some of you are recovering from injury. If you are free and able to support that would be great. Alternatively if you know someone else who might like to support then please ask them on my behalf (feel free to forward this mail.) The pace will need to be approximately equivalent to a 21 hour standard BG, and about 15% slower than my recent JNC. I am planning on starting at midnight on Friday, which would mean completing during Saturday, assuming success!
The extra tops involve significant extra mileage on legs 1 and 5 and moderate detours on the other legs. I will sort out and send a full schedule in a week or so. I may not reply to emails for the next few days as I am off in the morning to do most of the coast to coast as part of my preparation.

best wishes


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