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LEJOG in 16 days!

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Don't know if any of you are aware of Lee Dodgson who is attempting to run Lands End to John O'G in 16 days - ie 52 miles per day!
Him and a mate have trained for 10 months and hoped to raise £40K for hospice care..
Unfortunately his running mate crocked himself on day 3 so he is running solo but desperate for experienced runners to join him for a leg or part of one.
His progress is being updated on his Facebook events page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1257221907727278/?active_tab=discussion

He plans to be running Preston to Kendal on 21st May and Kendal to Caononbie in the Borders on the 22nd.
If anyone is interested in a day out on the roads visit his Facebook or contact the co-ordinator Greg Hildreth at ghildreth@alicehousehospice.co.uk or phone 01429 85529

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