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Send me your stuff!

edited April 2017 in Newsletters

Hi everyone!
Quick call for newsie items again please....need all contributions by no later than Thurs 25th May so can be printed in time for Summer Challenge!

Some ideas...

  • Gran Canaria team (Beth, Tim, Pete, Becca, Matt, Haze, Mike - thanks for articles already received!)
  • Black Combe fell race (Will)
  • Something on the Wainwrights (Pat)
  • Four Inns (Matt Allen)

All other contributions welcome! :)


  • Oh, email address is elizabethripper (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Heard there have also been some Bull to Bull shenanigans....and also Ian Verber's cracking marathon run!
    Great to hear people's news!

  • Quick reminder for people to send over articles etc for the newsie...deadline is 3 weeks away (COP 25th May). All contributions welcome!
    Cheers, Beth

  • Hello everyone!

    Please can you send me articles for the newsie... thanks!

    Lots been happening over the last couple of months...it doesn't need to be long, a paragraph or two is fine!


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