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Hoodies and t-shirts order form

edited March 2017 in Everything else

Here is the finished clothing order form. I've put it on Facebook and
I've tried to email it to as many people as possible as well but if you
think there is anyone who's not going to hear about it please let them
know. (Still waiting to hear about the buffs...)


  • Just a reminder that orders need to be in a week today. I've had 27 so
    far. Will be happy to get a few more :)

  • Hello everyone! I have the wrong sized hoodie...have a ladies medium but arms are a tight fit on me...its brand new, unworn, no nickname on it, bought for £25, will take offers! It would be a good fit if you're a size 10 or slim size 12. Let me know if you're interested.

  • Orders now being taken again for BCR hoodies and t-shirts. Perfect
    Christmas presents. Technical t-shirts now also available in green.
    Deadline for orders is 10th November. Get yours in now before you forget
    :) Not planning on putting in another order for some time after this one
    so don't miss your chance!

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