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Muncaster Luck

I'm interested in the Muncaster Luck race Sun 2nd Apr 2017. Just wondering if anyone is doing it? Don't know the area very well - how hard the navigation is?




  • Ran it last year, it's a cracking race - definitely the toughest BM
    class race you'll do!

    We'll both be marshalling this year as doing a long event the day
    before, but I'd highly recommend it as a good race.

    The first half over Muncaster fell is generally fast, steady running.
    The second half from Water Crag is quite rough and fairly pathless,
    although it was flagged last year - not always on the fastest route
    though! If the clag was down, nav might be, um, interesting!

  • Brilliant race. I agree with Tim's statements. You might need a compass. Last year was glorious sunshine so it was a case of pick the hill and run towards it over several km of nothing (except tussocks and bog). I think my straight ish line gained me a bit over those taking the optional flagged route.

  • Cool, I'm convinced but will keep an eye on the weather.

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