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Black Combe Membership 2017

edited March 2017 in Everything else

Hi all, have just sent this out by email to those concerned, membership for 2017 was due from January this year. I will need to pay England Athletics for a all affiliations in April.

This year full membership is £17 (EA affiliation has increased to £14)
Social membership is £3
Fell only, if your EA affiliation is paid by another club is £3.
We now have a junior section, under 18, at £3.

*********Left over from last last year Mike Hartley and Amanda owe £15 and Will Rigg owes £8 (the club paid EA membership based on responses last year)**********

Please let me know how you want to pay - I can collect cash, you can send me a cheque or pay online (let me know and I'll send details). Please also let me know if you want to leave the club so I can leave you alone!

There may be one or two who receive this who have paid me already - let me know and I'll update the records.

Thanks, Pete

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