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Filming BBC idents

edited March 2017 in Everything else

Either we are now in a file at the BBC marked 'will muck about on tv' or
somebody has done a search for fell running in fancy dress, but we are
an inspirational group and this came through today:


I am an Assistant Producer at BBC Creative and wanted to get in touch
regarding our latest series of idents for BBC1. These films capture a
portrait of inspirational groups of people across the country and are
being shown as part of our 2017 scheduling.

We are currently searching for running groups, to be filmed for a
short which may then be shown on TV, radio, online or used in the
press. The shoot itself will be short, interactive and fun. We are
particularly interested in hearing from people who have done/currently
are preparing for runs in fancy dress.

We are currently aiming to film on either 4th, 5th or 6th April and I
wondered if the idea may be of interest to you and your group? Anyone
featured will be paid for their time.

Please get in touch if you have any questions and I look forward to
hearing from you / learning more about yourself and the group. It
would be great to see some photos of your group too!

What do you think? Shall I send them some Caw pictures?


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