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Black Combe 2017


  • Wohoo, I'm in! Thanks Will!

  • I won't be here this year, but last chance to get your online entry in before it closes at midnight tonight (Thursday), otherwise it'll cost you £2 extra on the day.
    There are 73 online entries so far, including several BCRs.

    Hope everything goes well on Saturday....there is a road closed sign at Silecroft by the A595 / A5093 junction when I ran past it recently, but this won't affect the race as the closure is in the Kirksanton area and access to Silecroft is still available.
    People can park in the two bus stops as there are no busses at weekends here.

  • At the moment it looks like the Kirksanton closure will be postponed
    until Monday but I haven't got final confirmation yet. I'll let you know
    some time today.

  • edited March 2017

    And the winning team was Black Combe! Tim, Anna, James and Simon. It's
    possible that Harvey's contribution was the most important, though.


    Click for full-size.

  • Huge thanks to Will for a brilliant race and to all who were involved in marshalling, registration-ing, pie distributing and leading Ambleside astray...
    ...another cracking event. Good times! :smile:

  • Great photo! Aren't those Harvey's trademark orange shorts? Won't be able to tell James and Harvey apart now :smile:

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