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Blawith Malarkey

edited February 2017 in Black Combe races

My mate Dave and I should be free to put out markers for the Blawith Malarkey on Sunday. What time and where should we meet please?
I hear this is what marking the course is like ;-)


  • Afternoon James,

    Many thanks for the kind offer to help out.

    The start and finish location for the Winter League fixture over the Blawith Fells can be found on the Black Combe Runners Calendar.


    In addition, I have now posted the race route on the Forum.

    My intention is to start flagging the course from 08:30. I will be heading round in a clockwise direction, but I shall leave a selection of markers at Beacon Tarn, if you wish to pop along a little later and flag the route in reverse up to Beacon Fell.

    See you tomorrow,


  • Great cheers for the info Matt.

    Hopefully we'll see you at before you set off marking.

    See you tomorrow.

    Thanks again,


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