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50/100mile Ultra in Snowdonia...

edited February 2017 in Social Runs

Hi all, as per my brief discussion at the AGM, here's my initial thoughts for a race route in Snowdonia and I'd like any constructive criticism.

It consists of two 50-mile loops starting in Llanberis, making the most of the surrounding fells. It's over quite a compact area, to make best use of the more established trails, make spectating/getting around easy and visiting some nice places. It may seem a bit contrived though?... The aim is to rival the Lakeland 100, but create something with similar elevation gain as to events found in the Alps etc...

I've attached GPX files, but will attach a screen shot of each loop on OS maps tomorrow when I'm on my other computer.

Anyway I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts about it all. I've attached GPX route files too.



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