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BCR AGM Kepplewray 31-1-17

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hi everyone

please see attached,

We could do with a couple more people on the committee if this appeals to anyone.

Don't forget if you are attending to place your food order with Alison at Keppelwray.

regards Rob


  • Please remember to bring money for your 2017 membership we now due.
    £17 full membership
    £3 fell only membership (where your england athletics membership is paid by another club)
    £3 social membership
    £3 junior (u/18) membership

  • Does anyone have contact details for Alison at Kepplewray? or do I just ring Kepplewray centre and ask for Alison?

  • Alison
    The Kepplewray Centre
    Broughton in Furness
    LA20 6HE

    Tel: 01229 716936
    E-mail: stay@kepplewray.org.uk
    Web: www.kepplewray.org.uk

  • So far Alison at Kepplewray has 21 orders for pie & peas, please contact Alison on the above details before 3pm today.

  • Alison will also need to know if there are any dietary requests ie; meat, vegetarian, gluten free etc

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