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Pie & Peas at the Punch Bowl Tuesday 17th January

edited January 2017 in Social Runs

Please let me know if you would like Pie & Peas at the Punch Bowl after the Black Combe social run. As usual there will be a choice of meat or vegan.

Rob McKeever is going to put this message on Facebook, but if you see it there, please reply on here or my email davidparminter@live.co.uk



  • 1 for me please Dave.\
    What route are we running? I might be a bit late getting there so will
    get some speed training in and try catch up...

  • One for me please, Dave. Where are we meeting for the run? Is there a low level option?

  • 1 meat pie for me please.

  • 1 meat and 1 veggie please Dave.


    Helen :smile:

  • 4 meat for us please Dave (we have guests). I would suggest meeting at Wicham, keep it simple, go to both tops etc. there will no doubt be a walk/road run or something from the Punchbowl.

  • Let's make it Ralliss; closer and with more options for people who want
    a shorter run.

    For those who don't, I put in the Horse's Back and round the top route.
    We can always change it on the day.

  • ! meat for me please

  • Meat please

  • Pie for me please, I'll choose on the night which one if that's ok?
    Is there a road run going from the Punch Bowl around the usual route we do as well?

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