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Spark Bridge 10th Jan

edited January 2017 in Social Runs

That'll teach me to miss meetings!


  • Rather than repeat the muddy fields we enjoyed so much in the Autumn, how about a trail run over Bletherbarrow Lane to Ickenthwaite? Then byway through to Oxen Park, about a mile of road through Bandrake Head and trails back through Stock Farm to the start. About 5.5 miles, 750' of climb and mostly hard surfaces. There will be puddles.

    Meet at Bletherbarrow Lane - same parking space we use for Top o Selside.

  • Sorry, missed this. I have updated the calendar.

  • Thank's Will - spot on.

    Trail shoes recommended. Don't forget your head torch.

    The Royal Oak is booked - between 6 and 12 people arriving between 8:00 and 8:30.

  • Change of plan - the meal is at The Farmer's Arms not The Royal Oak. Closed due to illness.

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