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LFROTY trophy

Hello, the Ladies Fell Runner of the Year trophy hasn't been engraved since 2003 and I'd like to bring it up to date before everyone forgets who won it between then and now.

We've found a few names:

2004 Nicky Goffe?
2005 not awarded
2006 not awarded
2007 Sue
2008 Sue
2009 ?
2010 ?
2011 ?
2012 ?
2013 ?
2014 ?
2015 Beth

I'm happy to get a quote for a plate to go on the slate trophy and all the names engraved on but a cheaper option is to write reeeallly neatly on a white sticker and put that on the back. Then it's more likely to be kept up to date as people can surely be bothered to write their name on it even if they wouldn't have bothered to get it engraved. Opinions??


  • Becca, I think the club should pay for that, I'd normally expect an individual do it for any one year, but this may cost a bit.
    Eddie Sharp still operates, out of Domus.

  • Hi Becca,

    The table in this newsie might help to track back. Looks like mostly Sue sweeping up LFROTY!

    Maybe worth getting historic winners on the plastic cup, and start from 2016 for the slate trophy? That way it will last longer? Not sure if anyone has any other views?


    Ps. Sorry for not getting my name on there either :shocked:

  • Eddie Sharpe/Kendal Trophies says we can get a plate and 5 names on the small trophy for about £25. Which would be:
    2004 Nicky Goffe
    2007 - 2011 Sue Hodkinson
    2012 Val Gill
    2014 - 2015 Beth Ripper
    2016 Becca Rooke
    So we wouldn't have to go onto the big trophy yet. A plate on the back of the big trophy would be about £3.
    Are you happy with the cost Pete? The trophies I've had engraved there in the past have cost me nearly £8 just to get the year and my name so £25 is a good deal. And I'm happy to contribute the £8 I was expecting to have to pay anyway.

  • Yes, carry on Becca

  • Nice of you to go back to 2004 so Nicky can be recognised:smile:

  • The men's Winter League trophy also has a large gap - it was even larger before I got hold of it!
    Basically the names of the winners from 1995 when Ken Lindley won it to 2006 when Phil Newton won it are missing but there is a suitable space to include these names if we have them.
    If anyone can fill in the missing decade or wants to claim a particular year I'd be happy to get it updated.

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