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2017 Winterleague

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Are there any dates yet?



  • Will Po House race be starting at 10.30 am on New Years Day?

  • Evening Black Combe Runners,

    It was great to see the Winter League trophies being presented last weekend at the Christmas Dinner. I really enjoyed organising the competition at the beginning of the year and so I have unwittingly agreed to coordinate the event again in 2017.

    And so, without further ado, here is what you have all been waiting for, the 2017 Winter League fixture list!

    Match 1
    Date: Sunday 1st January 2017
    Location: Po House

    Match 2
    Date: Sunday 8th January 2017
    Location: Broughton Cross Country

    Match 3
    Date: Sunday 22nd January 2017
    Location: Appletree Worth

    Match 4
    Date: Sunday 29th January 2017
    Location: Birkrigg Common

    Match 5
    Date: Sunday 12th February 2017
    Location: Blawith Fells

    Match 6
    Date: Sunday 26th February 2017
    Location: Roanhead Beach

    Match 7
    Date: Sunday 5th March 2017
    Location: Black Combe

    As per previous years, I will be looking for volunteers to take the lead in hosting each fixture. I am proposing that the Po House race starts at 11:00 on New Year's Day with all remaining Winter League races commencing at 10:30, which should provide ample time earlier in the morning to mark up the relevant course.

    On a final note, for anyone who is not familiar with the Winter League, please follow the enclosed hyperlink for more details on the general concept and scoring system. (http://bcrunners.org.uk/cal/winterleague).

    All the very best,


  • You may need to change the date of the Birkrigg WTL race as it's on the same day as the popular That's Lyth LDWA 23.5 mile walk / run event from Kendal in which some of us do, also the Helm Hill Runners Kendal Winter League series of races uses the last Sunday in January to do their junior and senior races on the common.
    I would suggest changing it to the 5th Feb to avoid these two clashes and thus give members the chance to take part in either of those races.

  • We checked with a friend at Helm Hill and their Birkrigg race is 5th Feb. Hattie's birthday is 30th January and as Black Combe Runners is like her extended family we are having her 1st birthday party after the Birkrigg winter league on the 29th January. It's at the Supper Room at the Coronation Hall and everyone is welcome. :smile:

  • Hi Matt,

    The car park at Sandscale Haws (Roanhead) is closed for 8 weeks from 8th Jan. Either we have another location for a sand run or a new route? Whaddya think?

  • Swap Black Combe with Roanhead as the 5th March is exactly 8 weeks after 8th Jan and it's likely they'll have the car park reopened at Sandscale Haws by that weekend.

  • It's an NT project. They've been known to maximise their time allowance....

  • If you want to replace Roanhead, I'm sure Tim and I could devise an alternative route somewhere around Giggke Alley. Not sure how many people would come though, as the passes over this way can get a bit exciting in snow/ice. Let us know if you're interested. Or we can volunteer to host the scissors route if people want to do this again? Could see about shortening that route as I remember a few people saying it was quite long? Anyway, let us know if any if this is useful.

  • *Giggle
    Not sure that counts as an autocorrect error. Fairly sure Giggke isn't a word.

  • Better to keep Black Combe last if we can.

    We could run the Roanhead race from Askam Pier instead. Same route
    through the dunes, one lap, start and finish at the end of the pier?

  • I was going to suggest Askam (maybe have the finish line a few metres from the end of the pier...), or if the car park at the other end of Roanhead is open we could run from that end.

  • You are really going to love me now....

    The 26th February has a high spring tide at the time of the race which would mean a rethink about holding this race on this day, even if it was moved to start and finish at Askam pier, there will be little or no beach to run on and access to the dunes would be limited or not at all.

    The 5th March has a 10:40 low tide and the 19th Feb and 19th March will also be safe dates to stage Roanhead with no danger of the tide in sight based on the 10:30 starting time.

  • I thought the scissors route we did in 2015 was a good road run and could replce Roanhead- it could easily be shortened if necessary.
    I'd be happy to help organise the Broughton XC run on the 8th Jan.
    The Black Combe date on 5th march clashes with the Haweswater half marathon - but I guess everything clashes with something!

  • Ey up, I can help out at po house run if needed. I have a timer and a cattle prod. Let me know if I'm needed

  • I'm supposed to be organising Birkrigg and if nobody minds I'd like to
    move it to February 5th. 29th clashes with That's Lyth, which I'd like
    to do and I think a few others would too.

  • See above comment....the Kendal Winter Training League races organised by Helm Hill Runners are having their race on Birkrigg on the same day. The only bit of good news is they start from midday, so if you leave it at the 5th, some of us could do both winter league races in as many minutes if you are that keen, but check Helm Hill's website for exact start times and whereabouts it goes from, as it probably won't be in the same area as where we start and finish at.

  • Thanks, Karl. That's no good then. They cover everything with flags.

  • Ello agen
    Now, I'm still happy to help in any capacity at po house on sunday- or has it all been organised already on f f f facebook or summat?
    In the dark,

  • Hey Harv. Po House mostly happens by itself, with a bit of help from
    Dave P, who isn't on here much and definitely isn't on Facebook. Are you

  • Alright Will
    Na, not runnin. I'll bob along n play it by ear then. Appen I'll get there about ten n c what needs doin. That sound about right?
    I'll start charging the cattle prod

  • Bring a breathalyser:devil:

  • I will mark the course and do the timing. Matt Allen is working on the handicap times.

  • Happy New Year to all Black Combe Runners,

    To help kick start proceedings, please find attached the handicap times for the 2017 Winter League.

    The handicap times will be monitored and adjusted accordingly throughout the series based on individual performance.

    Wishing you all a healthy and prosperous 2017.

    See you at Ralliss for an 11:00 start.

    Keep running!


  • That's a good start to the New Year, can't see anything on the attachment, all I'm getting is a message saying can't open file on my laptop.

  • Dear All,

    I trust that 2017 is treating you well.

    Please accept my apologies that it has taken a week for me to publish the results from the first fixture in the 2017 Winter League.

    There were just 12 runners at the start line on a cold and crisp New Year's Day for a blast around Po House, with guest runner Jane Dore setting a strong pace that no one could overhaul.

    The fastest scratch time on the day was 42:57 from yours truly. It is not often that I get a mention in despatches, so I am going to make the most of it! Clearly the quicker members of the club were all resting their finely tuned bodies or recovering from a big night out on the tiles!

    On a final note, I once again express my thanks to Dave Parminter for presiding over proceedings.

    So it is now time for me to start tweaking those handicap timings ahead of the next race!

    See you all soon,


  • Evening All,

    The next round of the Winter League starts from Broughton in Furness at 10:30 tomorrow and the updated handicap timings can be found attached.

    For those new to the Winter League fixture, I would suggest parking on the Square and walking down Market Street to the start on the old railway line. The weather is forecast to be foggy, so please drive carefully.

    All the best,


  • Dear All,

    It was great to see so many members at the second round of the Winter League to tackle the Broughton Cross Country. Clearly everyone made a New Year's resolution to run harder and faster.

    First and foremost my thanks to everyone who helped with the organisation. The course was meticulously marked and I believe everybody managed to stay on course with the potential exception of James, but this has come to be expected. Rivalries are already starting to appear and in the Browne and Rooke family households the ladies won out. Come on gents, you need to pick up your game!

    There were a total of 23 runners on the day with the victory spoils going to Ian Verber in a total time of 55:56, despite receiving an additional minute on his handicap from Po House! The fastest scratch time was set by Lizzie Browne, who gracefully flew around the course in an outrages scratch time of 31:58!

    See you soon,


  • Good Evening,

    So, the Winter League moves onto Appletree Worth, starting at 10:30 on Sunday 22nd January 2017. Parking is limited, so I recommend that you car share where possible. For those new to the Winter League, make sure you dig out the off-road shoes from now on! The course is mostly track and trail, approximately 9.3 kilometres in length with about 300 metres of ascent. The slightly longer route should provide those runners with a heavy handicap a bit of extra time to start reeling in the front runners - Ian Verber we are coming for you!

    Have a great weekend,


  • Afternoon All,

    Once again the weather conditions at Appletree Worth for the most recent round of the Winter League lived up to expectations with a smattering of sleet and snow! As a result, I got somewhat carried away with flagging the course, so my thanks to John Millen for painstakingly collecting all the flags and barrier tape. On a positive note, no one got lost!

    Of the 11 runners on the day, 10 individuals finished within 2 minutes of each other, which provided some really great racing. Nevertheless, Ian Verber continues to thwart my handicapping system finishing in a total time of 69:15 to claim first place. Congratulations on yet another win!

    Making his debut at the Winter League, James Harris recorded the fastest scratch time of 40:43. Having set off dead last with a handicap time of 31 minutes and 30 seconds, he successfully stormed through the field to claim the third and final spot on the podium.

    So, Ian Verber has an unassailable lead at the top of the Championship with an overall score of 4 points after 3 events. Can anyone catch him? Please find all the results attached to peruse at your leisure.

    See you soon,


  • Dear Black Combe Runners,

    Welcome to the year of the Rooster!

    The Winter League moves onto Birkrigg Common, starting at 10:30 on Sunday 29th January 2017.


    I have been out on the course today and the terrain underfoot can only be described as squelchy! If you have any serious ambitions of claiming the top prize, I suggest that you choose a pair of racing shoes with some significant grip!

    I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow,


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