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Hoad Hill Half Marathon

edited August 2016 in Fell (and other) races

Having failed to find any volunteers to take his free entry for this
year's Hoad Hill Marathon, John Millen decided he might as well run it
himself and came back with an impressive 2nd place. Christina Wiejak was
first lady and 4th overall in the half marathon though she did run this
one as Barrow Striders. Myself, Rob McKeever and Ian Verber also ran the
half. Adie had to drop out of the marathon after 16 miles with back pain
and I saw Karl at the Hoad as the two events criss-crossed there just
before our finish. There were also lots of BCR volunteers - Becca,
Sophie and Matt Allen among them so perhaps they will be running next


  • People might be interested to know the organisers are intending to put on 5 and 10 km races on the Saturday before the marathons this year. There will also be a King and Queen of Hoad Hill competition. 1 hour to do as many hill reps from Ford Park to the monument as possible!

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