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2016 Champs. Road and Fell

Hi all,

Please see attached list to get in to your diary for next year. Some races don't have dates but I'll update as the races confirm. A couple of trail races in the road series to tempt a few fell runners into doing both series.

The 2015 series is being added up now by people far cleverer than me.





  • John.
    This looks GOOD.


  • Good choices John

  • Looks like a great list for 2016 John. Do we need to let someone know if we've done a Parkrun this year so that the 'clever person' can work out all the scores? In case we do - I did Barrow Parkrun on 26th Sep. My time was 19:16 and the winner did 17:49.

  • Thanks, Paula. Yep the more info the better.

    Great time by the way.


  • Fell races look beasty. The Rippers love it. :smile:

  • Pendle 3 Peaks race opened today http://cannonballevents.co.uk/pendle-3-peaks/

    Medium English Fell counter.

  • The 'Up the Nab' English Champ race is open and already half full. Details here: http://fellrunner.org.uk/races.php?id=4619

    Old school postal entry so dig out your cheque books!

  • The 3 Peaks Race opens tomorrow at 8 am.

    Details here: http://www.threepeaksrace.org.uk/

    See you there!



    Coniston "14" (all chip times)

    Harry Stainton 80:34 (third place overall)
    John Shevelan 1:50.00
    James Goffe 1:52.31
    Ian Verber 2:10.54
    Me 2:14.00

    For the purpose of handicapping / updating the tables the winning time was 76:27 by Keswick ACs Sam Stead.
    All results are from the TDL events website....click on Coniston 14, 2016.

  • Harry's time this year was EXACTLY the same as he clocked last year when he won the race.

  • Thanks for the report Karl and good running everyone. Great podium for Harry.

  • Anyone for Loughrigg? We'd 6th at 7pm. It'd be rude not to. :cool:

  • Or even Wed(nesday).

  • Hopefully, will test my misfiring lungs on the Blawith Malarkey on Tues(day)

  • Yes.
    Great little evenin run this, be good to see a few bcrs out...
    And don't believe a word that Millen geezer sez about misfiring lungs;he was sprintin about like a good un at Elterwater yesterday (albeit after Owen-Black Combes demon descender)

  • Sadly I've gone and 'manned down'* and won't make it due to the sniffles. As Harv says, hope there will be a few of us out.

    *Copyright Tim Ripper nr Eskdale.. :cool:

  • Loughrigg results online according to Ambleside AC's facebook
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/i43315m33ccdr73/Loughrigg 2016 results.xlsx?dl=0

    Dropbox doesn'y work at work so can't say anything else.

  • Dropbox says the following....\
    1st M Chris Arthur (Bowland) - 28.08\
    1st F (17th) Heidi Dent (Howgill) - 31.08

    Black Combe:\
    2. Will Rigg - 29.06\
    18. Harvey Lord - 31.10\
    24. Lizzie Adams - 31.49\
    47. Gavin Lloyd - 34.49\
    51. Rob Browne - 35.16\
    82. Julian Donnelly - 37.48\
    104. Pete Tayler - 39.43\
    111. Jackie Casey - 41.02\
    114. Sophie Roberts - 41.29\
    123. Mike Jewell - 43.19\
    157. Sue Ross - 53.20\
    168. Rebecca Rooke - 56.44

    Well done everyone, looked like a great race! Amazing 2nd place from
    Will (after a cracking Black Combe race too), and great to see Becca out
    racing again :)

  • Thanks, Matt.
    Here are the results. Excellent stuff from Will to get second place overall. Lizzie third woman and a return to fell running from Becca. Well done everyone.

  • Too quick for me Tim. As usual..

  • Much easier to just attach the results though John, rather than type
    them out individually.... guess it's all about the extra effort that's
    put in ;)

  • Becca and Sophie are the wrong way round!
    [Did Sophie deliberately give Becca the wrong number to get a better result!?]

  • No I don't know who's fault it was but will probably be be only time I 'best' Becca!

  • The Dalton Charter 10Km - part of the club's Road race champs - is this Friday 29th April at 19:15 - not 1st May as on the fixture list.
    Pre-entry £6; on the day £8.
    Hope to see some of you there - Brown Cow afterwards?

  • Three Peaks results on SportIdent site.

    BCR results. Well done!
    494th Jackie Casey Black Combe Runners FV50 04:48:00
    539th Julian Donnelly Black Combe Runners MV50 04:55:58 Standard
    326th John Millen Black Combe Runners MV40 04:22:59 2nd Class
    332nd Peter Tayler Black Combe Runners MV50 04:24:41 2nd Class

  • and 02:48:58 for the winner.

  • I think 3rd FV50 for Jackie? :smile:

  • Howtown race has been cancelled which is a shame as a lot of us were looking forward to it. Ennerdale is the day before therefore it's a straight swap in the BCR champs - Ennerdale 11th June replacing Howtown.

    To support the Bootle Show fell race (organised by Pete) I'm looking to add that in to the champs as a bonus 13th fell race. More details soon.

  • Updated champs list attached.

    Champs results tables in progress..

  • Shame about Howtown. The Bootle bonus race should be a good one. I ran the route with the show organiser last night, it has a classic fast route down from the summit. They had over 3000 visitors at the show last year, so the finish field should be good fun. It'll be about 7.5 miles and 2000ft of climb. I'm in the process of registering the race so more in the next month or so.

    I'll also need about 10 people to help with registering/marshalling, all of whom will get a free entry to the show.

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