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Tuesday Social Run

edited July 2015 in Social Runs

Nothing down yet on the Social Runs part of website. Has anything been
decided yet?


  • Tim's mystery run from the Newfield. It was going to be an off-road run
    from Spark Bridge but Adi is away this week. I'll put the runs up later

  • It's a mystery because I don't know where we're going yet...I'll work
    something out though, and we'll find our way back to the Newfield for a
    good feed after.

  • This week's social run (10 Nov 15) is the traditional loop from
    Grizebeck towards Woodland up the long hill and back. After the run, for
    those who want to stay for a meal and drink, the good news is that the
    Greyhound is open for food. They normally stop serving food after 8pm so
    would like us to pre-order, ideally some time ahead. Brief summary of
    Battered Haddock + chips [mushy peas £10.99, Scampi, salad]{.underline}
    chips £10.75, 12oz Gammon Steak, chips,peas egg or pineapple £11.25,
    Cumberland Sausage, mash, veg £11.25, 2* 4oz cheeseburgers, chips &
    salad £10.99, Chicken breastfilled with black pudding wrapped in
    prosciutto + rice & veg £11.25\
    Mushroom risotto £9.25, Morrocan chick pea stew £8.99, Goats cheese on
    salad & new pots £8.99, Cauliflower, broccoli & cheese gratin + focaccia
    & pots £8.99\
    Pies with chips & veg - Steak & Ale, Cheese & onion or Chicken, leek &
    ham £10.75, £10.25 & £10.99\
    12 inch pizza with your choice of topping (Pepperoni, ham,
    Tel 889672 or 07933114217 or e-mail greyhoundinngrizebeck at btinternet
    dot com

  • Farmer's Arms booked for 8pm tomorrow night for 10 people. Meet Spark Bridge, 6:30 for a skip around the roads. See you there, John.

  • FINAL SOCIAL RUNS FOR 2015...Swap the 15th and 22nd Dec's around?

    Our next social runs are at Broughton Mills this Tuesday and Ulverston next week.

    There is a fullish moon for the 22nd, and a suggestion I have is to move Broughton Mills to then. That way it gives the option of a fell social up Caw or the Dunnerdale, with the 6 mile road loop also available if the weather is bad or those that don't want the fell option.

    TUESDAY 29th DEC: There's no social run down for that day, but if people want to come to Millom I can lead one from the Square at the usual time....it would be road shoes and a headtorch would be needed...please post below or email me.

  • Grizebeck run from the Greyhound again this Tuesday 15th March. Please
    pre-order before you start your run. Menu appears to be same as 7th
    November above.

  • Same run as 14th March again. Please pre-order before you run.

  • Tomorrow night (27th), I will be leading a run from Millom Square at the usual time. Please feel free to come along and join me for a road run around the town's residential streets, plus Haverigg taking in people's festive house and garden lights displays en-route.
    It's about 6 miles long and should take an hour or so.
    Please wear hi-viz clothing and ideally a headtorch could be useful to.

    I know there's no official social run due to the holidays, but if any of you are free just turn up. I will wait until around 6:35 then set off.
    Afters there's the Bear on the Square pub and no orders are needed in advance for those wanting food.

  • Next social run from Broughton Mills - 24th Jan at 18:30
    I'll be "leading" the Scissors run but obviously opportunity to get out on the Dunnerdale fells if you wish.
    Dinner booked at the Blacksmith's - Please order BEFORE the run!
    See you there,

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